Omoagbametala offers service and training for organisations, companies, groups and individuals who has interest in the enhancement of community relation, personal and professional enhancement. These service extends to the community workers who are interested in the use of language in general, Yoruba language in particular to further relationship in the wider community. Omoagbametala (Babawamiwa) uses Yoruba language as a communicating tool in a more efficient, effective, productive and creative way to arrive at a sustainable and regenerative living environment.

At Wamikampt we believe that the way and manner a language is used is rooted in the frequency, vibration, resonance and the intonation of the User(s).

We are available for Natural Health and Wellness support service, Health Awareness workshop, Community Engagement, History workshop, Nature, Resources and Regeneration workshop, Consultation,  Intergenerational workshop, Rite of Passage support programmes, Adult, Children and Youth education, Yoruba song (choir) training,Speaking Engagement and Presentation Workshop, Language effect/Expression workshop and Spiritual Science workshop.

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