Herbal Health Products

             "...The tea you gave last year is immense great. Vivid dream everytime and really feels et does something" - Brother PurcieJones

  1. "wondrous oil u surly made with heart. and trueness and formulated et well had body feeling great is real effective at night I notice when I apply to hair had me in different connections to ancestors I give thanks for the oil got a light scent to et as well which is. good, had. mY skin dancing with the feeling of goodness my spirit reason with me to. apply little to tongue had me working out all day and open up some more inside me ancestors approve of the goodness" - Brother Chineke Moor

  1. "oh and the dry skin near my ankles has healed... amazing and that was just one bottle!!!!.... so i will always have to have a bottle of your Metala Oil nearby!....Tested and Proven 13 13 13 13" - Sister Amari Nagapella

 "bro that tea has taken me to a new world ?, and I’m thankful for it !" - Sensei Wolf


                                       Yoruba Language, Nutritional Health and Cosmology Course/Classes/Workshop

"I am loving the name Wamikampt Aborisha Omorisha University as its the highest education I’ve ever received " – Ma Sula

"You are a great gift to humanity. Thank you so much for sharing the mysteries of Akarmara. The true IFA. May you path be blessed beyond this life. ~Ase" - EstelleRose

"My reflections on the Yoruba and Cosmology 13 week course:

Iye Ashe Iye - I am that I am 

There is no deity greater than the mother and we never left her womb.  

It's been over 6 months since I took the course and what has stayed with me is the overwhelming sense of responsibility to protect Yemoya and her children, my children.  This course supported my ascension and helped me to remember my divinity.  Week 9 was an enlightening, humbling and emotional workshop.  This particularly workshop, by far, was my favourite.  Baba Ayo explained in depth the Orisha energy Eshumare.  How Eshumare works to remind us about our divine essence as Ile (primordial  earth deity).  The data that is recorded in our biological DNA, ancestral memories and akashic records.  The fact we have the ability to tap into the cosmos.  The practical steps needed to access this information from a nutritional perspective.  The content was beyond my comprehensive that I'm considering taking it again, and that was only 1 out of 13 workshops. 

What can I say about Baba Ayo?  

This feeble language, we call english, cannot convey or describe who Baba Ayo is and what he is doing for us seastars and Yemoya. His unconditional love for wombmen to re-member and embrace their true essence was and still is humbling.  His commitment to healing our wombs and humanity at large needs to be witnessed first hand by participating in this 13 week course.  I encourage all my beloved seastars to take this course.  Yemoya, our sons, humanity needs us to remember and take up arms.  I look forward to hearing about your ascension. 

My last words to you all would be plant your feet into the earth, swim deep into the waters of the womb and you will remember... Peace and Light to you all."  -  Sister Prema

"What I learnt from the course was the importance of the Afrikan woman's role in creation, society and life. Just how important a black woman's womb is her connection with the creator/s. How her energy is needed to help heal her family, community and the planet.
It has inspired me to get involved with so many things at present that is why I am so busy.
This was one of the steps I needed to spur me on.
I still have daily challenges but I am much more clearer as to what is truly important to me and working on making more small difference to the world.
Thank you once again"- Sister Kamaria

"I am thankful that I attended this course.  Throughout the 14 weeks I experienced soo many moments of clarity in my perception on the Yoruba Language, Nutritional Health and Cosmology Course.  On this ongoing journey of spirituality and knowledge of myself I feel soo honored my path lead me to Brother Ayo. He created a safe environment to explore questions in mind and gain answers breaking down "all"aspects of Yoruba Cosmology and Spirituality. Brother Ayo's is very gifted and shared ancient knowledge which kept me engaged, empowered, self assured and confident to continue on the journey back to our original spiritual greatness." Sister Ayoola Sealy


"I participated in the Yoruba Language, Nutritional Health and Cosmology course/classes/workshop Jan17-April17. The wealth of knowledge given and shared was amazing it had such a profound effect on me holistically.  It is a way of life. I gained so much from each session I found them to be very insightful I had many questions to ask BabaAyo which he went out of his way to answer.I value and innerstand mother nature even more than I did before this course. BabaAyo equips you with tools (strategies) to support you and help you implement what you have learnt into your life which you can either embrace or reject. The workshops are very interactive. I liked it that we also learned some basic Yoruba phrases. BabaAyo is so humble, patient and has a great sense of humour which added to making every session most enjoyable. I also met some wonderful Sisters and Brothers on the course. I highly recommend it. I Give thanks to the Most High for BabaAyo and his many courses and for bringing our paths together. Ashe" - Sister Patricia

"I participated in the Yoruba Language, Nutritional Health and Cosmology course/classes/workshop Jan17-April17. The Yoruba Cosmology class is without a doubt one of the most enlightening informative courses I have done. From an African perspective it has opened my eyes my mind and soul to information that has transformed my thinking and beliefs. I now have clarity in my thinking better understanding of nature and of the world and human consciousness. I feel so empowered from the knowledge I have I truly believe our African brothers and sisters should engage with Brother Ayo to challenge what they already know with an open mind which I believe you would not be disappointed. Brother Ayo is a very humble person with a vast expansive knowledge of history and Yoruba culture. I give thanks to the most high for bringing Brother Ayo into my path along with those I met on the course. Ashe Ashe Ashe" - Baba Raphael

"Greeting family I had the pleasure to be a part of the Yoruba language, nutritional health and Cosmology class with brother Ayo, if ever there was any doubt in your mind that this course is not for you, I hope this will help you realise that is the best self investment ever. I was very impress with every aspect of the course, I am vegan and the nutritional side of the course pulled me even close to nature, the information  on how we are not suppose to be inflicting harm to other creatures to eat when mother nature provides trees, plants and herbs mainly for eating and healing was very comforting, as many times I questioned my diet because I wasn't in the know, all my doubts was removed when I learnt about Yoruba nutrition,

The course notes was very informative, learning basic chants in the language to clear your Ori made a big difference to my life. I  was able to break down the false teaching compare and contrast it to the true teaching. I am now more clued up about who I am and what mother nature expects of me for my Ori to ascend and cross over on that special day when I return to the source.

I would definitely recommend this course for anyone even if you're not into this ancestral connections, I can assure you that their is something in these classes for everyone.

so I will end with a little thing I learnt from these classes that not even the plain fire would not burn if it wasn't for the Ase in it. 

Ase ,Ase, Aseo" - Brother Christopher