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Wamikampt specialises in the original authoring or writing of materials that are rooted in wealth backed by resources. We provide services covering various areas of life including Language, Art, Tradition, Health (Wellness), Science,History and Mystery. Our work is based on high frequency, vibration, resonance and tone. This work focuses on serving and giving back to Mother Earth as envisioned in the Law of Return of the Ancestors or the Arrival of the Elders. 

We provide Awareness workshop, group sustenance training, Consultations,Bi-language translation in films, documentaries and literary. Our products feature E-books, E-Articles, short stories, family read inscribed in English and Yoruba Languages. Other health related services and products are available. 

If you resonates with what we are offering in this business of Wamikampt Aborisha Omorisha university, please support our work by spreading the message; sign up for our courses, workshops and classes; purchase herbal foods and/or donate with integrity. Thank you. Ẹṣe O. Aṣẹ

London, 07494271391