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Olodumare's Kingdom have to be seen

“Seek Truth in the breath of Goddess. This is the Divine Will or Commandment of Olodumare. The people that have the kingdom of God in them are the very ones who must bring about the Rainbow that Olodumare has ordained for them” –Wamikampt. All your so-called religious spiritual festivals that are parading themselves as righteous are deceptions away from the real Festival of OLODUMARE that is ESHUMARE called Rainbow. The so-called soltices/equinoxes/xmases/easters are deformed off-sync versions of the real Solstice/Equinox/Xmas/Easter. No so-called initiation, title, etc will allow one to reunite with Ancestors unless one completes this Divine Mandate called the God Condition of Olodumare.

The reason many people are not in awareness of this is because we are not humbling ourselves as little children sponging in the pristiness of ancestral memory. Humbling or Nobling beings are aware that one will need a terabyte body to be able to house or comprehend the terabytic Data of Ancient Elders of ELEDUMARE. This is why we recommend steadfast cleansing or nourishing our body with living spectra herbal fruits & vegetables for at least 7 years or ideally 10 years for support. With this, one will truly start knowing the True History or Ancientness of Yoruba that all the great 'religions', 'cultures' or 'languages' of the world are a disruption of the teachings (doctrines) of ESHUMARE. That we are not just referring to carbon data of 5,000 or 6,000 years but more importantly of those eternal infinity of Abore Orisa Data. That no sacrifices or offerings are accepted or endorsed by the Ancient Elders of OLODUMARE unless the sacrifices/offerings are dealing with the Preservation of Life - Trees of Life (Aboru Aboye Abosise Esumare). That it is only when this is done, that free-dom will start descending on our earth. All the real Babalawo Tribe on earth and anywhere in the universe know, affirm and attest that this isTrue. The Kingdom of OLODUMARE is only known among those beings who are secreted into the spiritual events of our heart.

Aboru Aboye Abosise Esumare


                                                           Health & Beauty

​In order to form and maintain well-defined 'physical' body, ingestion and uptake of minerals are essential to this. There is nothing wrong with having a well-maintained figure, you just have to do it the right or healthy way. Afterall, our remote People came to this planet from health with beauty. We, their descendents for the most part of our civilisations used to have our females with contoured slim bodice, and the males with muscular lean bodice, maintained partly and greatly by the ingestion of proper/organic fruits & veggies coupled with proper exercise, etc.Your 'house', 'car', 'vehicle', 'automobile' should not be looking better than your body. And it is so interesting that most of these things outlived us. This is something to think about. We are our vehicles or bodies, but just forgot how to really drive and take care of them. Take care of your vehicles as Ancestors are watching.


When you don't understand or cannot comprehend the rudiments of language, you will not know that the so-called corporation got established by the so-called moors. So most people don't have clarity on the real corporation and the deceptive corporation, so to speak - Ogini 3:15

Ancient Breath

Ye cannot comprehend the rudiments of language without the help of the Ancient Breath

Peer review (Peer pressure)

"I only debate with my equals. All others I teach" - Ba John Henrik Clarke. We can only debate with our equals only if and when debate is dealing with the preservation of life. Other than this, it is not a debate. This is the ancient origin of 'peer review or pressure' used in our 'literary & debating' circles today. We only debating with our equals when we are trying to remind them those sacred things we ourselves are remembering. Thus the Ifacilitation of Cosmic doctrines.

Peer review or peer pressure is only good and valid from peers that have been to the Sacred world of Ancestors and back: 'And no one has ascended up to Ifa, but one that came down from Ifa, even the Rainbow which is in Ifa'.   Pear review/pear pressure   Eso Ajara

I am not here to please any so-called 'humans' because that has got me in lots of unnecessary troubles. I am here because the imprints of Th Truth is chasing me and won't leave me alone "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set or make you free"

Ifa says verily, verily, I say unto you all, we speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness. If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of Ifa things?

Orin Aro

Aaro awon omo mi n fa mi

Aaro awon omo mi n so mi

Okan awon omo mi n fa mi

Adaniloro ko kan t'ebi t'ara

Asinilona ko kan ti ololufe

Ori eni ni n gbe awo ire ko'ni

Bi Ori mi ti n gbe mi lo si'bi awo ire mi

Ki Ori eyin omo mi ko gbe yin ri awo ire yin

Ki Iseda yin ki o ranti Orisa yin

Oro Ife ko si ni okan adaniloro

Oro Ike ko si ni ikawo Asinilona

Esu ni Ife

Orisa ni Ike

Bi Ori mi se fe ma se Ike mi

Bi Eleda mi se fe ma ni Ife mi

Beenaani ni ki Ori ati Eleda eyin omo mi

ati ololufe mi ki o fi Ife ati Ike wa yin ri

Ife lo ni ki won fi Ire wa wa ri o

Orisa ni o ni ki won fi Ori wa wa kan


Rudiments of the language of money

Money as you are experiencing it cannot and will not solve the world's problems until or unless the rudiments of the language of money is understood.


'Humans' stop dishonouring or corrupting the Oracula readings and get vegannated. The Vegannation (rainbow) is inevitable because it is the Will of Th Ancestors:

Adi'a fun lagbaja ni'gba ti won n ti Ikole Orun bo si Isalu Aiye.

Ifa ni ko ru'bo fun Orisha Eshu Iyemetu.

Ni Lagbaja ba ru'bo fun Eshu Orisha Iyemetu.

Ebo ba fin, ebo da, ebo de Ikole Orun peregede.

(Cast  Ifa for Lagbaja when they were coming from the Unseen world to the Seen World.

Ifa divines for Lagbaja to be One with Orisha Eshu Iyemetu.

Lagbaja complant with Eshu Orisha Iyemetu.

The Sacrificial Offering reaches the Ethers of the Unseen World and peace reigns eternally). Ase.     

                                                      'Character flaw'

The so-called character flaw has happened since people deliberately dishonour the CONSTITUTION of ESHU ORISHA OLODUMARE in them. Many people speak so much about Iwa pele but they do not have the insight of its true meaning. Disease come to the world of people when Th Constitution of Eshu Orisha Olodumare imprinted in their being is dishonoured. The so-called adults or elders bring diseases to children or younger ones by imposing their own 'character flaws' on the children. Diseases also manifest in children when they don't sort out their own character flaw.

Character flaw cannot be justified from the lens of 'humans' because they themselves are born with it. In other words, all people born on this planet with no ESHUMARE are 'flaw' or deficient in character. This is why we are been instructed to submit to the imprint of ESHU ORISHA OLODUMARE in our being and we shall be able to see and hear divinely.

                                                    The Creed of Death

You cannot know the creed of death until you seek it in the heart of life. This planet earth is imprinted with OMIDAN IYE , the MAIDEN of LIFE. Any divinatory practises that require the destruction of life in spirit and soul through bloodshed or 'sacrificial offerings' on the planet and on heart are not of ORISHA ESHU OLODUMARE but belongs to decaying disembodied spirits. People focus much of their energy on the so-called disease, death, burial, funeral but have no ancient memory on these creeds. When we seek the creed of death in the heart of life, we shall be bestowed with both hindsight and foresight. Ase


                                                          The evil in God

The so-called evil in God does not have to be manifested. The true evil in God are crystals. So let us manifest the crystals in God. Ase.


                     Ẹ̀làbọrú Ẹ̀làbọyè Ẹ̀làbọṣíṣẹ Retreat (Festival) Coming Soon


Reminding us in the Scrolls of Th Ancient One that a virtuous man is a soulman and a chaste woman is a spirit woman.


                              Dishonouring Th Womb, Prostate and Bloodshed

Many people on the planet can only relate to issues and things from the eyes of their so-called religious leaders, be it 'pastor', 'imam', 'alfa', 'woli', 'rabbi', 'guru', 'media', 'elder', etc. Whatever their 'leader' does they do. They blatantly dishonour the imprints of Divine Intelligence (God-ess)  implanted in them. Ye be witnessing bunch of men and women with their so-called covering up clothes while their inner temple is decaying. They don't even know or ever remember what it meant to cover up as they think it is just about wearing the so-called clothes and headresses as they been taught. They are mimicking the so-called 'turbanised' and 'crownish' women and men while having their true essence been taken from them. They no longer know and remember because they dishonoured and still dishonouring Ma'at which led and still leading to bloodshed, decay and destruction in this world.

Many actually think the word 'vegan' is a new word because they read or heard it first time from the 'western world'. But who taught the 'western world' the rudiments of language? The essential meaning of vegan is vagina or womb on a dense level and breath on a pure level. If you still in doubt, meet me at AGBEDEMEJI AIYE OHUN ORUN to clarify things. Essentially true vegan food is a living thriving plant food bringing life to the vagina, the womb and essentially to the prostate and the rest of humanity.


For every bloodshed leads to the destruction of the womb and the prostate somewhere on earth. Some of the resultation include 'fibroid', 'hysterectomy', etc but I don't think ye hearing me though. Nobody can do cleansing or healing of the womb and prostate while still stubbornly indulging consuming animal products and other things that will not allow true healing to manifest. There are set rules, regulations codified in Law when it comes to Healing.



                                                  Colony (Culture) of Life

Eshu Orisha personified as Iyeshu (Jesus Christ) says that "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man come to the Father/Mother but by me". The Father-Mother is Eternal Life. Celebrating daily living with culture of the so-called 'death' involving the destruction of animal and human life whether for marking Sabat, Xmas, Salat, Osun, etc is not welcomed in the realm of Olorun Eleda Olodumare. The primary duty that was bestowed on man was the culture of life that is Ancient Love. At Wamikampt,  we are building on the ancestral Iyemẹtu community providing services to the lifers.


                                     O R I S H A    E S H U (ANCIENT ONE)

                                                           The Clarity

Whatsoever enters in at the mouth goes through the belly and is cast into the breath. Thus the overwhelming presence of the so-called 'bad breath' on the planet. The clarity of the fish is in the waters.


People making outstanding progress in the ancient science of Olodumare called breatharian culture are on the path of destiny and are called Christ disciples. This is the highest level of humanbeingness. To be on the Path means you are on the path but you are not the Path until you are fully been recognised by the Path. This is where humility (humbleness) comes in for the moment you start saying or claiming that you are God-ess, Priest-ess, King, Queen, Prince-ess, Pastor-ess, Rabbi, Teacher, Griot-ess, Guru, Araba, etc then you shall be tested on all levels. Really speaking, these above titles and the many thousand others that cannot be contained here belong to Th Most High and these are only conferred upon those people that are initiated by Th Most High after you have been judged by Th Sacred Tree. So 'Humans' you be wise to humble yourselfs.


                                               Genetic constitution

The keeping of the Law (Ma'at) of Th Most High One is the truth of man.  Really speaking, unity can only be attained by living, practising and following the laws of Ma'at. Many people desire children, husbands, wives, positions, statuses not because of Ma'at but because of their own 'selfishness'. This is why peace (unity) have been challenging for humans to attain. Ma'at is the eternal covenant.




If you live, dwell or reside in 'cold' regions that has less sunlight (Vitamin D), you be wise to consume greens including Dandelion Greens, Watercress, true Lettuce, Nettle leaf, Parsley leaf, Moringa leaf, Alfalfa leaf, Horsetail, and some Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, Yams.                                 

                                 Ilẹ̀ Ọ̀gẹ́rẹ́ Olúborí Alágbàwí Ẹ̀dá

Eternal Judges are trained in the full knowledge of God, of the land, the science of judgement & spiritual initiation. The land is recording all deeds and stands strongly behind truth lifers - Ilẹ̀ Ọ̀gẹ́rẹ́ Olúborí Alágbàwí Ẹ̀dá adúró gbọingbọin lẹ́hìn asòtítọ́ (asòdodo)


My people are destroyed because of deprivation of knowledge.  When humanity returns to Th True Eshu, peace, freedom, well-being, health, wealth, justice, righteousness, joy, goodness, love, fortune, happiness, stillness, calmness, truth will return on the planet. Eshururu to all the beings longing for dopamine (calmness).                                                

                                                       Sea vegetables

God has always been good to humans. Do humans been good to themselfs? God gave life-giving foods to humans and humans despise and reject God's food. God gave angelic manna food to certain humans for spiritual uprising but they rejected the heavenly food because they too addicted to eating animal flesh including the fish.

There was a story of the Irish Potato Famine in Europe where the sea vegetable called Irish Moss was consumed to sustain and nourish the people affected by the famine. Imagine if the people affected by the famine stay true and actually priorities Irish Moss nutrition over potato after the famine. What would have been the effect of this action on the world? God always speak and acts in parables. Sea vegetables (so called seaweeds) are superfoods ordained by God to sustain human lifes. Kelp is a family of sea vegetables with super nutrients. Kelp was the 'fish' ate in the scriptures whether through the so-called famine and/or poverty. Why do the fish smells like kelp?

Kelp is a true energy source with spectral of nutrients helping to code minerals in food for proper absorption. The Will of God is in the ordained laws of God that govern the human body. The house that God built is the human body. God does not dwells in the so-called house of God built by the hands of man. The ancient Essenes and those before them knew this that God is too enormous to reside in the religious buildings built by man. God is the Creator of the universe.

'Humans' continue to squander God's property that is the human body through our addiction to degenerative foods which are inturn depleting the quality of life on the planet. When we greet each other with the word 'peace', this has to be supported by our actions through following the path of God. How can world peace be really manifested on the planet when many humans continue to destroy and eat the so-called flesh of animals? Natural compassion can only be truly extended  to humans after it has be shown on animals. The so-called meat eating is based on denatured mouth or stomach pleasure, or what is called gastronomical pleasure.

'Meat eating' is a 'territorial', 'aggressive' and 'hostile' act and always involved 'fear'. 'Meat eating' is a global problem. Ask yourself this question: Who is laying claim to most of the land mass on the planet? Who are behind most of the so-called corporations in this world? Who are behind most of the 'corporations' that are directly or indirectly responsible for the destruction on the planet? The scriptures says that  if ye seek, ye shall find. All true foods prescribed for humans by God supports breath sustenance. These includes the sea vegetables. As we have been given freewill, we choose life and living, Àṣẹ (Ashe).



                                                     Relative peace

The world truly is in need of absolute peace, but that is too much for the asking since we can't even get relative peace which can bring sanity back to people's life.                                                   


                                                           All is One

Drinking denatured alcohol depletes nutrients like Vitamin C, D, E, K, B-Complex Vitamins, Magnesium in the body. The body has to use these nutrients to correct the disorder caused by drinking denatured alcohol. 'Smoking' destroys the ability of the body to be aware (love). It has never been a time when the body accept the so-called smoking as part of its family. The body is forever trying to adjust to this destructive habit by sacrificing some of the family members to try to stop the smoke from turning the heart into a denatured stone. Destruction and the eating of the so-called meat destroys calcium that helps produce the calming effect in the body. It destroys the body's ability to truly feel. 'Meat eating' is a disruptive energy and not different from denatured drugs.The only true drug is Nature and the only true  meat is Maat. Health (Wealth) is only realised through knowing and applying Maat. African science/art is not divorced from its religion or spirituality. They are one.

                                              The original Yardie

The original Yardie is this beautiful planet called Earth. Her original inhabitants are 'Yardies' and their descendent  food is 'Yardie food' we called 'soul food' of earthy fruits and vegetables. They are Ma'atian brethrens and sistrens. True Yardie is about  nurturing, nourishing, preserving and protecting lifes. Ancestral love to all our true Yardie brethrens and sistrens.

                                             Cosmic dialogue

Angel: "What you like to be when you grow up?"

Human: "I want to be like you, th cosmic beings"

Angel: "Really, that is all well andgood as it takes like endlessly ordered laws to live by. Have you heard of the 42 laws of Maat?"

Human: "Un...Yes"

Angel: "Start with that and after you had perfected that, then we can start other process"



Anything that is dishonouring to Ma'at will decay. In Yoruba, we say that anything that does not involved Divine Mother Ma'at will not flourish. For peace and the Kingdom of God to reign on earth, African  Maat principles must be observed and lived.




Growth is possible in the living truth of Maat as the widom of God. It is not abouttaking side with woman or man. It is about the living truth of God. Woman that lives Maat is mother of Maat and man that lives Maat is father of Maat.



                                      Omidan Iye 'Mother of Life'

This planet is called Omidan Iye 'mother of life' in Yoruba cosmology. The purpose is life and living. The Igbo cosmology attests to this in Ibiri kam biri 'live and let live' How do we live? We live by taking care of this beautiful planet. We just live, live and live.

                        A Divine note from Iya Gbogbo (Th Living Mother)

The destruction, killing and eating of animals is against Divine Laws of God. The divine blood of Edumare is water and water carries our prayers to Edumare. The gift of Th Creator is the oxygen given to humans for breathing.


It is against Divine laws to be contaminating and polluting the divine oxygen given to us. Disresponsible acts of smoking and drinking intoxicants and injecting poisons into the property of God, called the human body are deducing the quality of lives of the unborn; those in transient of been born; the newly born; pregnant and expecting mothers; elders and children; man and woman; animals; plants and other lifeforms and the wider environment.


Edumare do not delight in the destruction of sacred and divine creations. No man or human being has the right to destroy another peoples lives and no man or human has the right to destroy the God's property called the human body.

WAMIKAMPTHumans will be held responsible for their actions on this living quarters called planet Earth.Ancestral health, wellness and clarity to you all.


This is an opportunity for earthlings to be straight with the laws of God. All businesses that are not in law with God's laws are violating divine laws. Th Most High is Love.

When we return to the Law of Nature which is the will of God, we will be well.

                                                       Golden Mirror

Iya ni wura, Baba ni digi - Mother is gold, father is mirror (glass). Children need their mother and father. The union becomes a golden mirror (child). Woman and man should create life responsibly and godly


Truth changes in rhythm which means the truth of God never change. It is all about living according to Ma'at (Nature) whether you are a woman or a man, for peace to reign.

Do you know that once you incarnate on this plane, the only real or true thing that is meant to be laboured to you as a child is love, and what you are meant to be labouring to people as an adult is love? Honour your breath and do not waste it solely in pursuit of worldly gains.

Omode gbon, agba gbon la a fi da'le Ife si'le - Owe Yoruba. - A true adult (elder) will use the child's eye (world) to complete and see the adult world.


In Yoruba Ifa spirituality, we say 'igbe lowo wa' meaning 'the money is in the forest' that is the truth is in the dark forest of the womb. We always say If you want to find true priest-ess of sacred knowledge, you have to go search humbly and diligently for them because they are not always out here in the popular arena. They are somewhat hidden in the sacred forest of truth.

God is the root of rhythm. God is the root of unity. God is the root of life. Just because people lusting in 'common' interest does not mean they represent God. Unity is attained through God.

God does not eat food. Humans eat food and the only material foods human truly eat are natural foods. Fruits excite melanin energy and vegetables stabilise melanin energy. Majority of the world's diseases come through eating denatured 'foodstuffs'

Environment does not diseased itself, earthlings 'living' here are.

In one of the Yoruba movie, the King encouraged the young ones to eat pawpaw rather than gunning straight for the dead meat in the plate. Papain is the enzyme that is derived from Papaya (pawpaw) and is used for digestion & to tenderise the dead meat.

People use herbal 'seasonings' and 'spices' on dead meat because they want it to taste like plants which their body subtlely desire.

The more dead wastes in your body, the more the decomposition entities will have something to feed on resulting to many diseases. It is nature's revenge.

                                                         Sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

Natural, native and divine love to all the Priestesses and Priests of Osun. Thank you for holding on and bearing the light of the Mother Goddess principle  (Goddess universe). Native love to Priestesses Ma Osunyemi, Yeye, Ma Kesheni, Ma Remi, Ma Osunwunmi, Ma Brenda, Ma Ama, Ama Mo, Niyah, Ma Sandy, Arugba girls, the brethrens, the sacred drummers, and all the natural beings seen and unseen that are involved in this divine gathering of the celebration of our essential Osun.

Sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

Ga Sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

Sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo

sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo -  Nothing like drumming inside the waters 

Sẹ́lẹ̀rú àgbo...


Many people are not centred in life anymore. They profess Goddess/God yet they are far from Th Essence. You will find more Goddess/God energy in ancient living plants and animals because they still remember the Divinity.



The more you truly love others, the more you are loved by supreme ancestors and the more true memories come back to you. Love cannot be deceived as love is the health that is the hub of the universe.

Yoruba Language, Nutritional Health and Cosmology course

Travels into ancestral way and enlightened into ancient meanings and current adaptive measures in: Language, Health, Nature, Culture, Family, Law, Love, Economy, Marriage, godbeing, goddessbeing, Muse, Oriki, Self, Community, Children, Elder, Religion, Games, Poetry, Next-life, Incarnation, Emanation, etc. These are some of the fundamentals the learner/student learn within our unique course.

This course is arranged in three parts to help the learner move within ancient cosmologies.

The course is offered in North London and South East London Areas.




Originally Matriarchy was Ma'atriarchy, th essential truth of our solar world/system. Ma'atriarchy maintains th balance of life between natural woman (Ma) & man (Ba) as no one felt left out & needing have to prove a point. Through Ma'atriarchy, balanced children sprouted forth.


                              Nations emanated from Mother Nature

Nations are born from the essence of Mother Nature. These nations are nourished in Mother Nature, thus all true nations are obliged to be inline with natural divine laws of Mother Nature.       

                    The Rising Orisha from the Primeval Waters

                                      Orisha will rise

                                      Orisha is rising

                         Orisha is rising from the Primeval Waters  



                                         Man (Woman) Know Thyself

Man (Woman) Know Thyself is an ancient Afrikan Dark Matter scientific parable/proverb that means for every being to acknowledge and remember the imprints of the Universe in your being. This is so that by doing this, you are giving your ancestral parents the opportunity and appointment to see/sense you.

                Nature is the Grandest "Toy" for the Children and Adults           

When you are praying, you are playing. This is why children always want to play because they want to pray. Children do not pray the way adults pray because they are already connected to the spirit world. When they are playing, they are praying with the fairies and many different kind of beings. Nature is the grandest “toy” for children and for those adults that want to reconnect to their original childhood. Your childhood is how you were raised as a child truly maintaining your connection with The Great Mother (Spirit), your relationship with the Divine Essence and your spiritual Kins.

                                      Beauty is the Sun of Women

No pain no gain

because beauty is pain

Beauty is pain because the Sun is pain

No Sun, no creation

because the Sun is good

Beauty is the Sun of Women

I am beautifull.

                                                         Orisha Wisdom

Ancestral Veneration is important to and for one's wellbeing - Orisha Wisdom

                                              Prayer for Ori "Head"

Ese mi wa ran ori mi lowo ko wa gbemi de 'bi 're mi - My feet should support my head to lead me into abode of my goodness (heart/earth)

                             The Essence of Feminine energy/being

The feminine essence is relating to the energy of serpent (snakes), Kat, wisdom, water. From the word "feminine" is nine that is the numerical aspect of completion. Nine also represents Serpent, Kat, Womb, Water, November, Breath, Breast, elevation, beam/light, instruction, teaching, discipline, correction, reflection, protection, etc.

To be feminine is the essence of nurturing, fruitful, breastfeeding, pregnancy, fertility, productivity, wealthy, virtue, abundance, storytelling, mother's milk, nourishing, fecundity, filia, happiness, offspring, yielding, fortune, suckle, reproduction, recreation.

Feminine energy allows mothers to tell their stories rooted in the primordial waters of creation (Nun). This allows the S-tella of nursing coming from the interstella beingness of primordial nurturing of Mama Nature, Mother Earth, Amma, Iyemare, Yemaya of Dark Waters.

                                   Your WIll, Your Wealth

Your health is your happiness

The happiness that sprung from Hapinus of Ancient watery worlds

Your wealth is your will

As your will is your well

Your wellness is your wealth and health

Your will is your mind

Your mind is your will

Your will is your memory

Your will is your thought

Your will is your rememberance

Your will is your purpose in this lifetime 

Your purpose is remembering Ye creator

Your will is of Ye creator's wealth

Your will is your wealth



Your heart need to show credibility

Your heart need to be in accordance with Mother Earth

Your heart need to have credence

Your heart need to be in credit with ye Creator

Your heart need to have good record with Mother Earth

The essence/core of your heart is ye earth

Are you hearing Mother Earth with her courageous heart

Ye heart need to be in cordial relationship with Mother Earth

Your heart is your earth

Your Earth is ye heart

Ye heard!

Ye heart is the middle of ye Earth

Ye heart is ye Khredu (Cradle)

Ye need to be child-like at Earth to hear Mother Earth

Ye need to be child-like at heart to hear Mother Earth

Ye are earth guardian

Ye are heart guardian

Ye are earth keeper

Ye are heart keeper



Owo is the Yoruba word for what we called or referred to as money in our world. In the ancient time, the exchange of energetic currency have been used as a form of money. That means, the ancient humans used to engaged in the worth and value for one another. This essence of valuing the worth of each other started within before emanating worth on the next human being. The Ancients had clarity that everything is energy but this energy also have a source.

Within the sacred tradition of Yoruba people is found the essence of "money" owo in relation to watery energy, that is, the primordial waters. Yoruba Religion believe that owo comes from the deep seas/oceans/waters. In one of our sacred stories is found that in the iwase "antiquity" that owo was not part of the essence of the Orisa/Irunmole and that they the Orisa/Irunmole on Earth were just dealing with pasiparo "means of exchange" or "medium of exchange." This would be the trade by barter many of us were/are familial with. Barter used in the exchange of valuable goods for the other valuable goods. For example, people would exchange avocado for grapes, etc. 

Barter is still here as people are exchanging energies regardless. Energy also encompasses electromagnetic essence of life and would have been the source of beingness. Energy is "spiritual waters" and water is energy. Water is the deep ford/deep seas/deep oceans/depth ford/depth of the spirit. Because energy is currrency, therefore water is currency and the reasons some ancients started to source currency "money" from and in the seas/oceans. Barter is also related to electric current/electric currency just like water current. Originial water currency is primordial energy as water is the source of life. Spirit, energy and water are all "tribes" and "dynasties". So in the absence of "material" transactions, Orisa asked the heavens for owo "money" to trade with. The Yoruba "material money" was sourced from the seas/oceans so oceans/seas would be heavens/the Primordial heavens. 

Material Money like Owo eyo called Cowrie "Kaori" shells came from Heaven(s) and brought to Earth with the request from Orisa. Nature Beings, Human Beings, etc were and are still operating on the premises of energy that is currency and means and medium of exchange called pasiparo. The Yoruba word Karakata meaning "to buy and to sell" or "buying and selling" is intrincately related to pasiparo as beings exchange energy aware and unaware. Breath of life is energy and is delicately sourced from water as we are breathing fiery water vapour. This is the reason why we came with the breathe of life from the primordial waters of our mothers. Everything that we needed have already been given to us by our Primordial Creators and why we came "bare/naked" from our mother's womb.

owo ẹyọ (Kaori/cowrie shells)

We sourcing energy/wealth from oceans and is the same as sourcing energy from our earth mothers as they are the daughters of Mother Earth. This is the reason why Mothers are held sacred in very ancient cultures. Owo Eyo/Kaori/Cowrie shells are from water/womb and cowries also represent the womb in traditional cultures. Many primordial deities are from the oceans of different yet related densities.

The essence of cultivating the soils, that is, ritualising the earth was means and medium of exchange in traditional cultures and still the basis of true wealth to this day. The beings tilling the lands and working with the laws of nature are still the ones providing material foods and wealth for humanity. And since humans are accustomed to eating foods, money like owo eyo became spiritual money that is feeding the spirit in our watery bodies. Water is the source of true wealth and is the one that make our material crops to grow. As people having access to soils, they can begin their true rituals by appeasing Earth Deity/Orisa Ile through Oriki (primordial lineage praise) and the laws of return. By doing this, our wealth/owo returned to our house/home/wellbeing.

 "Ascension" through the Soular Breath of Life

We breathe through life as we navigating through the waterways of life. Our life is serpentine in Nature and is graced through the essence of The Most Highs. In true sense, we own nothing in this world but as we navigating through the affairs of Man and dealing with human beings, we are accustomed to the claiming of ownership seeking validation from fellow humans.

All the lands we claimed to own belong to our children. We are in this world talking about leaving some properties such as lands/earths for our children when we passed on to ancestral realms but in reality we borrowed those lands from our children to use and that those lands were loaned to us by them. This is the reason why we need/must look after earth because the earth belong to our children and their childrens' children. The sanity behind this ancient principle have kept ancient humanity at peace for some time. This ancient principle is the Ancient Laws spoken about in Psalm 24:1. Only those beings that are the planet keepers/earth guardians are worthy of recognition by the Ase/Ashe of Ancestral Elders. Those Beings that truly care for earth are meant to be the Lawful caretakers of earth.

We came through the Mothership (Primordial wombs) of our Mothers as the essentiality of our Fathers navigating in her primordial darkness of natural light. The ancient Laws of the Primordial Womb created the Man by breathing in Soular breath of life into the essence of Man and the Man became a living soul mirrored in Genesis 2:7. What makes the Man became a living Soul is the Soular Sun energy of The Most Highs. We are breathing in through our Nose in the passage ways of our Nostrils intune with the Abdomen/Abdoman. Through this we envisioned with the clarity of life and the gracefulness of our Primordial Creators.

The Primordial Creators in the narratives and proverbial serpentine creation from Mu rooted in Primordial Waters of TMHs. The Sun generates Soular fire/fayah in the AbdoMu as the Sun/Soul from the Primordial Mu/Womb. Fire is called Ina in Yoruba tongu. The Nose is called Imu in Yoruba and Nostrils called Iho Imu that is the serpent gateway from watery worlds. This is how we became ancient stories and beacon of light in our world. And what we become in this world is what we are allowed to become even if and when we have great aspiration. That aspiration is rooted in the inspirations of our Creators. And our greatness is attained by recognising this Primordial truth.

The Pyramid is watery electro-magnetic energy from the Soular Watery spiritual material worlds. The Pyramid have to do with firey/fayah/fahyahrah energy and a gift from Creators breath through our Nose. Pyramid is the house of fire and house of light from Dark Waters. 

We are breathing by drinking from the well of life as well is water and through this process we attain wellness and wellbeing. This is our clarity in this world attained through deep breath/deep breathing from the Deep Kosmik Seas. Our breath of life in this world and beyond is nourished, sustained and maintained through remembering and reverencing our Creators. Ase 


                                           The Essence of Raspect  

Raspect is the energetic ancestral Sun energy that gives, sustains and maintains life on earth. Without the Sun, we cannot function here. The Sun called Orun in Yoruba is the watery fiery liquid gold that we soaked in become "gold plated". Nature Beings need the Sun to effectively live in unity with other lifeforms. The Sun is praised in Yoruba as "Orun, olaka'riaye" meaning the sun that spread his light/wealth all over the earth. 


Raspberry (Raspect berry)

Real foods contain spectra of nutrients that will energise and put into motion the electrical nutrients already present in the body. Spectra when reversed is Raspect and this is why real ancient peoples love the Sun. Raspect is the eye of the Sun that sees everything. Plants contain ancestral energy beneficial to Nature Beings and they (plants) serve as the "mediator" to help us remember our primordialness.

Raspect the spectra of nutrients in plants in and around you. Yoruba wisdom says "Awa omo ewe gbogbo kiki oogun" meaning "We the children of leaf/tree/plant/herb/ancestral book full of nutritional healing." Ase  27/06/2017



Moremi was a HERoine of the primordial "time" in Ile-Ife. It was a bliss being told this story growing up within oral storytelling as well as the great work of Baba Duro Ladipo in collaboration with Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in  Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Mama Moremi was the one that freed or liberated her people from the hands of their enemy during her existence on the plane earth. A brave watery being who sacrificed her son in exchange for rescuing/freeing her beloved people.


Moremi story is important to the world as we have stories of historical figures that laid their lifes in order to help other people regardless of the size of the help. Moremi, the watery being of celestial cosmic spiritual womb Ile Ife before emanated on the physical universal plane (earthly human world). Moremi is the spiritual womb dark mata that gave birth to her light/son who is said to resurrect and ascended to heaven realm. Moremi is feeding the spiritual waters in our life when we remembered what she represent in our world. Mama Moremi is the spiritual cosmic water and Ela is her son that paved way for freedom of Yoruba people.

Every time we remembering Mama Moremi, we are remembering her beloved son/sun and we treasure the essence of love that radiates throughout the watery universe and the physical universe. Her story is our story as Natural/Spiritual/Sentient Beings. Her story is for humanity as her sun/son radiates by "walking" on water and returned back into the womb to re-energise and reinvigorate, in order to rise again and again to nourish and maintain the vital life force of Omo Odua and the rest of the earthlings on the planet.

Mama Moremi/Mooremi is a primordial Mu and She represents the deep breath that unshackled us from spiritual enslavement and superficial material desires. Her name amongst many means Mooremi, immore, I am moore, I am mor, I am primordial, I am moor, I am water, I am womb, I am dark matter womb that birth your light:

Moremi  O, Emi O, Omi O, Ota O. Ase 01/06/2017


                                              Originiality and Organisation

Origin, Origini and Originiality are very essential to our wellbeing. To be originial is to be origanised (Organised) and be oriented. This is why in Yoruba cultural living, Ori is an essence to one's wellbeing. When we are aligned with our Ori, we harness originiality and become organised. That is, we focus on our mission and become moore fluid, flexible and elastic. The instruction gained from listening to our Ori helps in structuring our lifes. The essence of elasticity affirms our originiality because as we become stressed and stretched we managed to return to the source (clarity/dark mata). We need to have true organisation in life with energy sourced and resourced from the Orisun/Primordialness. Origini is ancestry and clarity is in ancestry and through ancestry and ancestral heritage we become origanised (organised). Ase. 24/05/2017  


                        Mathematics, Zero point reference, Maati and Isiro

Mathematics is the science of the Elders. Math is for rememberance, visualisation and memory recall. Math is Maat which is the science of the primordial waters. Math is related to Arithmetriks, the tricks or secrets of the earth/Erith. Maat is about balance resulting from chaos. This is why you are told to balance the equation. Math/Maat is the dark matter/mata zero point of reference known as Isiro in Yoruba. Ishiro is the atunement called Itutu (balance), that is bringing yourself to zero/isiro/osiri point.Isiro is the knowledge from sirius sun. Balancing the equation is balancing the scale of Maat, Maa Maat. Maa Maat is Ama Maat, the highest Creator. We were instructed that our hearts have to be lighter than the feather, for example, the Sun appears lighter than a feather but still carries the most weighed on the planet through his heart rooted in his Mama's water womb.

There is a saying in Yoruba that reads: "Isiro loko ndo" meaning "It is math/maat/mata/womb that husband/man is having 'sex' with". This is because Maat is the womb and a man must plant seeds in her to generate a life. Math is like a saving and attention is paying to her with intuitive calculation. By balancing the equation of Isiro, there is death and rebirth/regeneration into anu life. Know your Math/Maati for your memory recall. 03/05/2017


                                          Farm; Farming and Farmer.

Farm is called Oko in Yoruba. Farming is the act of tilling, touching and ritualising the soil. Farmer is called Agbe and in some instances, Oloko meaning "Owner"/Caretaker/Guardian of Farm. In Yoruba culture, farming is not just digging and putting the seeds in the soil. Farming embodies ritualising the earth/soil, calling on Orisa Ile (Earth deity) to respond to the summoning and also talking to the inhabitant in the womb of earth to respond to "human needs". Earthlings such as the Earthworms are included in the ritual asking for their supports in growing crops. Yoruba people always point that there is moore for the eyes to see when it comes to metaphysical quest. There is seen and unseen deities/forces/energies for everything and every beings. Thus Yoruba adept is meant to be aware of Orisa that are responsible for guarding earth and the crops.

Again farmer is called Agbe and Agbe is an Agba that is an elder/adept that ritualises/cultivates the soil/earth/ground/land planting seeds in the womb of Ile (earth) to regrow back up. Agbe also build fence that is Ogba around the said womb/garden/farm for protection. 02/05/2017

                                                  Ṣé Olorì jẹ́ Olórí

Olorì ní’pa ti ìlànà Yorùbá, jẹ́ Olórí aya Ọba. Orí túmọ̀ sí ẹlẹ́da, àyànmọ́, ìṣẹ̀ntayé, kádàrá àti àwọn nkàn miràn. Orí bá ìwà àti inú ọmọ ẹ̀dá tan. Àwọn nkàn wọ̀nyí si n bá ara wọn ṣiṣẹ́ jọjọ. Ọ̀rọ̀ nípa Olorì túmọ̀sí Olórí jùlọ nínú gbogbo àwọn Orí, ẹni tó lórí àti Orí Inú. Tí a bá fi èyí wé ọ̀nà/ẹ̀sìn inú/ọ̀run/ẹ̀mí/ẹlẹ́da, atọ́sọ́nà, ìjọba, Olorì  sekárí ohun gbogbo wọ́n yí. Èyí lejẹ́ wípé Olorì ni Olórí tòótọ́ ààfin àtipé Ọba kàn jẹ́ aṣojú àwọn ará ìlú. Asìtún rípé Ọba àti Olorì jẹ́ aṣojú/ìránṣé tí wọ́n nsin ará ìlú. Nítorínà, kí lónii ṣe láti jẹ́ Ọba tàbí Olorì.

Ọba/Olorì jẹ́ ẹni tí a mú, yàn tàbí tọ́kasí láti ṣojú àwọn ará ìlú rẹ̀. Abu ọ̀wọ̀ fun nípa ìwà, òye àti ọgbọ́n rẹ̀, èyí tí ó ti kójọ nípa ìríríayé rẹ̀. Akọ́ Ọba láti ṣe àmójútó àwọn rògbòdìyàn ọ̀rọ̀ Ìlú. Olorì/Ọba ṣe abojútó ọ̀rọ̀ ìlú fínífíní. Olorì ní ìjìnlẹ̀ nínú ìtàn àti Òye Ìlú rẹ̀. Ọba rọ̀gbà àyíká ara rẹ̀ pẹ̀lú àwọn ọ̀jọ̀gbọ̀n awo/abọrẹ̀ tí wọ́n gbànímọ̀ràn láti ripé ohun gbogbo lọ létòlétò. Asìnlú/ìránṣẹ́ ni Ọba jẹ́ fún ará ìlú nítoríwípé bó ṣe n tọ́jú ìlú ni ọlá n padà sọ́dọ̀ rẹ̀. Akọ́ Ojúlójú/Ògidì Ọba pé iyí/ìyẹ́nisí rẹ̀ wà nínú àwọn nkàn tó n ṣe fún ará ìlú nínú ìlú.

Níbàyí, nígbàtí táa ti rí dájú pé ní ìtumọ̀ Olorì nípa ìṣesí, ìmínsí, Olorì ni ẹnìkan tó lọ́gbọ́n láti ṣe akoto oyé.  Ọ̀pọ̀lọpọ̀ àwọn Ọba ni wọ́n jẹ́ ọkùnrin. Àwọn Ọba wọ̀nyí ni Olorì gẹ́gẹ́b´i Ìyàwó tàbí àwọn ìyàwó tí ó fi ìdímúlẹ̀ ní ìlànà àṣà ìlú àti gẹ́gẹ́bí ìṣẹ̀dálẹ̀ ẹ̀kọ́ tí ìlú fikọ́ ọba nígbà èwe rẹ̀.

Ọba jẹ́ iba ati Olórí lórí ìlú nítorípé ó fìmọ̀ sọ̀kan pẹ̀lú àwọn ará ìlú àti wípé Ó fikùnlukùn pẹ̀lú ìlọsíwájú àti ìrẹ́pọ̀ ìlú. Olorì àti Ọba wà nínú ìrẹ́pọ̀, ìrọ̀rùn pẹ̀lú ìbásepọ̀. Nínú ìsẹ̀dálẹ̀ Yorùbá, Olorì jẹ́ arábìnrin nínú àfin àti olùdarí pẹ̀lú Ọba. Mi ò ti gbọ́ pé wọ́n pe ọkùnrin ní Olorì ri. Ọba àti Olorì ni agbẹnùsọ̀rọ̀ fún àwọn ara ìlú. Ògidì Olorì má n tẹ̀síwájú ni  ìpilẹ̀sẹ̀ ọ̀nà ẹ̀mí àti wípé Ó n lo ipò rẹ̀ láti mójútó ìwùwàsí ọmọlúwàbí àwọn ọ̀dọ́mọbìnrin, ọ̀dọ́mọkùnrin àti Ọba.

Ojúlówó Olorì mọ iyì, ọlá àti ọrọ̀ ara rẹ̀, Ó sì n gbìyànjú láti mú ìrẹ́pọ̀ wásí inú ìlú. Àwọn ènìyàn má n gbádùn Olorì ní agbègbè tó bá wà. Fún gbogbo àwọn obìnrin àti àwọn arábìnrin tí wọ́n n jẹ́ Olorì àti gbogbo àwọn tó sì n bọ̀ wa jẹ́ Olorì, ẹrí ara yín sí ìrọ̀rùn kí ẹ sì ripé ẹ káràmásìkí ìṣesí tí ó wà pẹ̀lú ká jẹ́ Olorì.

Níbàyí, a o padà sí kókó ìwé yi, ṣé Olorì (aya Ọba) ni Olórí. Bẹ́ẹ̀ni. Àwọn Obìnrin ní agbára tó wà lẹ́yìn orí ìtẹ́ Ọba. Gbogbo obìnrin ni ó jẹ́ Olorì ní ojú mi, nígbàtí ẹ bá mọ̀ àti tí ẹ bá fi n ṣe ìwàwù. Kí ẹ kíyè sára nítoríwípé ọ̀nà ẹ̀mí aṣẹ̀dá àti ilé ayé wa wà ní ọwọ́ yín.

Eṣé tí ẹ ka ìwé yi.




The word “ancestar” in singular form was used by my 10 year old niece at the time. My Niece used this word during one of our history sessions/lessons together. I have been using the word since. Children make great teachers and students too in the right environment. Their vibrations can create a believable atmosphere and they will bring out hidden qualities in them. I do appreciates the ancestors in childlike and innersense manifestation; always see the children as Ancestral/Ancient Children. Chronologically speaking I am older than my niece in this present life incarnation, but in past life, she may be older than me. In truth, we are all ancient souls born on Earth.

Birthdays on Earth is celebrated through the essense of the parents, Mothers in particular. Why? Because it was the Mother that gave birth to flesh and blood. In ancient villages, birthdays was not assigned to the children but to their Mothers. For the children, they celebrate the Earth days or soular return day. That is when the soul return to Earth for life experiences and missions on Earth. Earth gives us the opportunity to experience things for our soul growth.

The fact that we are on this planet Earth means we descended from the spirit world including heaven. What we came to do here on this planet would have to be rooted by the human spirit or the Being concerned. I sense there are different dimensions in one giant dimension on planet Earth. It is like we are talking about matrices within one Mata Matrix. That was why the community I grew up in taught me about dimensional realities in the context of spirits including disembodied spirits. These disembodied spirits are refered to as Akudaaya in Yoruba Language. I will elaborate on this subject matter in my other writings.

And the essence of ancestors, ancestars and ancestral energies are very important to our comprehension of earthly living. Regardless of our spirituality and religious affirmations, I know there are higher forces epitomise by the Motherly principles in the collective Universe. Reaching out to our ancestars is key to healthy living. Your level of vibration opens up the portal and made available to the recipient the type of ancestors tapping into that level of vibration. This is why it is good to nourish our entire bodily constitutions with live, vibrant energetic vegetal foods to make this experience regenerating. Live vibrant vegetal foods help us in realignment of our essense to the Universe; the holistic totality of everything and every Beings.

Ancestral energy was the modality and paradigm into which I was educated which I am beginning to return to and gradually remembering my purpose in this incarnation. People of all “colours” can use this modality to relate to themselves and other people. As my dear brother and friend says: “when your culture is taught to you, you know where your future is”.

If you incarnated as an “Afrikan”, there is a purpose, meaning and intent for your incarnation. There is a reason why you incarnated as a “European” There is an intent why you incarnated as “Asian” and there is a purpose why you choose to come as an “American” Regardless of your purpose of incarnation, you should learn and harmonise yourself with the Universal/Natural Laws which come with consequences or prize to what we choose to be and do with our minds. The Ancients Sages, Teachers and Masters were aware of these laws and they did their best to be online with them, hence with less stress and consequences. Atonement with the Universal Natural laws bring forth ethernal and infinite tunes marinating our cosmic bone formation and clothed with melaninite materials. We can be and do what our ancestors did to bring balance to this World.

On the essense of ancestral veneration, we are the collective ancestors as our ancestors lives in us and live on through ancestral children. We need to cater to the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ancestors making up the totality of our Ancestral Energy. Giving energy, time and investing in your ancestors is giving energy, time and investing in yourself. You are your ancestors and your ancestors is you. We should be mindful of how we raise children because in Ancient Africa, children were seen as the children of the Creator. This knowledge is reflected in old ancient proverb of Yoruba expression: “ A balance community/nation/society is rooted in childrens’ intuition and elders’ wisdom” Pouring libation with water moisturises our ancestral energies in us and the generations to spring forth to Etherninti. Children are Ancestors and Ancestors are Children. Let us celebrates the ancestars in everyone of human expression.

Ancestral energy lives on through transition and transformation.

This is compliment of Wamikampt and Omoagbametala

Primordial High Science

Herbal Science, knowledge and wisdom come with the intuitive, innate, insight and the spiritual link between human and plant worlds. Just like any field of study on Mother Earth, herbs or plants has to be studied and loved. It is through this approach that they revealed gateways to other realms. The herbs/plants are apart of the original, primordial creation.

Herbs/plants provide experiences and benefit human in many ways including nutrition, medicine, spiritual awakening and healing. They are subtle angels in thier own responsibility: “Ingesting Angels by ingesting Vegetation (Vegetal)” – Omoagbametala

They can help human to repair spiritual wounds and realignment to Mother Earth and the Universe.

Herbal knowledge is revealed in the spirit of Haru/Heru which has to do with healing known as feminine attribute. Herbal wisdom is termed Alternative because herbs are primordial creation on Earth. The Earth is Ta/Tar/Ter and Al is creation. According to Ancient Muur, Al is feminine creative force.Native is Nature is primitive, primal and primary creation. Herbal Science is the knowing of plant food science.

Herbology is the reasoning and utterance of the world of plant in relation to other worlds. It is the logic, word, vibration, resonance, tone, frequency, knowledge, experience and wisdom gained from the interwombness in all things.

Plants are wholistic thereby possess the abilitity to help in healing wholesomely. They are also teachers if we care to be teachable: “Plants are not only healers, but they are also teachers” – Djeuty Ma’at Ra

Yoruba elemental deity/orisa of herbs is Osanyin. In the ancient and modern worlds, majority of the deities of plants/herbs were/are represented as feminine attributes and spirit deities/divinities:

Tyrone, an aspiring herbalist gained through intergenerational herbal science has this to say about plants: “Throughout time and history divinity was associated with the power of healing plants and this divinity was always honoured and greeted before the work of healing began, this association of herbs and divinity, clearly shows that nature in herself is divine and so the practice of herbalism is a sacred practice of earth healing” – Tyrone

 There are numerous references to plants/herbs as food, medicine and healing:

 “ I have given you every plant (herb) bearing seeds in it for your food (meat)” – Genesis 1:29

“He causes the grass to grow for the cattle and herbs for the service of man bringing forth fruits out of the Earth” – Psalm 104:14

“ And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” – Revelation 22:2

You see herbs were prescribed in the begining of the geneaology of man in Genesis (the begining) and the same herbs given to human in Revelation as a reminder of infinite beauty of plants via ancestral Nature. As it was in the begining will it be in the begining (Genesis Revealed)

Imhotep , the Kemetic god/scientist is a master herbalist and he taught hippocrates, a group of greek who studied in Kemet (ancient Egypt).

In the Yoruba herbal knowledge, it reads “Ilera loro” which means health is wealth. Yoruba science pertaining to herbs also reads “ Awa omo ewe gbogbo kiki oogun” meaning  We the children of plants full of nutrition, medicine and healing. Herb is the way of The Most High Universal Creator. Herbs/plants are the Ptah of Nature; an ancestral way and rootworks of the Ancients.

As some of us are returning and retuning to herbal science we are reconnecting ancestral wisdom and natural living. Majority of us continue to experience modern allopathic ways of existing because we are so removed from Nature; our spiritual and emotional umbilical cords being severed right from our childhood days with the denial and deprivation of ritual of passages.


Plants are prescribed for us by the Ancestral Universal Energies to elevate hue- man-being- ness and returning us to our innerselves. Herbs or Plants are some of the prescriptions for eternity, higher sciences, higher level of knowledge, infinite wisdom.

We must have the knowledge of herbs including their forms and functions, properties, sciences, and holism.

Again, Plants are teachers and we must be humble to learn. Herbs are for the service of humanity. Herbs are food. Herbs are medicine. All we need to do is to study and respect them as our teachers. Herbal nutrition promotes the use of herbs as food and medicine. They are the foundations and gene-ses of our being. Below are some of the common plants/herbs available for human nutrition, healing and wellness.

These herbs are used to nourish human organs and glands as well as the entire bodily systems and they (herbs) are used in ancient and traditional herbal medicine and nutrition:

Hair, Skin, Nails

Nettle Leaf

Alfalfa Leaf

Horsetail Herb

Rosehip Fruit

Gotu Kola

Raspberry Leaf




Immune System

Rosehip Fruit

Hibiscus Flower


Dried Lemon Peel

Dried Orange Peel




Female health support

Saw Palmetto Berry

Licorice Root

Raspberry Leaf

Agnus Catsus (Chasteberry/Vitex)

Dandelion Leaf

Alfalfa Herb

Ginger Root


Male health support

Saw Palmetto Berry

Nettle Leaf

Licorice Root

Horsetail Herb

Ginger Root


Sarsaparilla root





Brain, Memory, Longevity

Gotu Kola


Ginkgo Biloba




Heart health

Hawthorn Berry


Cayenne (Capsicum)




Bone Health

Alfalfa Herb

Horsetail Herb

Moringa leaf

Comfrey leaf


Leafy Greens

Irish Moss



Lung and Broncchi health

Licorice Root

Horsetail Herb

Comfrey leaf


Ginger Root

Colon Health

Alfalfa Herb







Kidney health

Horsetail Herb

Dandelion leaf

Rosehip fruit

Alfalfa leaf



Ginger Root



Licorice Root

Ginger Root

Gotu Kola Herb




Pancreas health

Licorice Root

Comfrey leaf


Raspberry leaf




Liver and Gallbladder health

Horsetail Herb


Ginger Root


*Mix apple juice, lemon juice, cayenne and 2 0r 3 tablespoonful of olive oil to clease the liver or gallbladder


Glands health

Licorice Root

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This article is compliments of Omoagbametala and Wamikampt

****This article is based on ancient and indigenous knowledge on herbal living. We encourage you to do your own research before using the content within this article.

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Excerpt from Internal Orisa Revisited (E-Book)

      Her presence is felt in the breasts and the breastmilk of the nursing mothers. Breastfeeding mothers pass their auras, energies, love, nourishment (nutrition) to their babies and all these flow accordingly through the magnificent effort of YemọjaÒrìṣà. The breasts and the nipples of females have chakras, the storehouse of energy and emotion, experience and mysteries of the feminine essence. The feeding mechanism of breast and breastfeeding provide the infant with the integration of memory gland. A child suckling/feeding on its Mother’s breast is in touch with the root of the oceanic tree of life (light) rooted in mammary water. This child becomes the Soulchild.

    The child is getting Àṣẹ (Nature/Life Force/Power) from its Mamma’s reservoir. The mammary gland of a woman is the memory gland which nourishes the baby to optimum health. On a remembered spirituality level, the metaphysics of mammary gland is rooted in the word mammary which is another tone for mammara (mammare/mammary). Mammary is Mama and son. Mama is the mother and the son is the sun which is the ra/re/ri/ry. So if the son provides protection, memory, provision and nourishment, the same son sourced its energy from its Mamma (Mother).

    Again, when we are looking at the son we are looking at the mother. Every time we gaze at the sun we are focussing on the power behind it which is its Mother – Mammary (Mother of the Sun). This is the reason why we have Mamma Ray. Ray is the word for the Sun (Ra/Re/Ri/Ry) which is the light matter sourced from the Dark Water Melanin. The Sun rays of light makes us see. In Yorùbá language art, “ri” means “to see”. The breastmilk of a mother (amongst other functions) feeds the child with nutrients which nourishes the organs including the pituitary and the pineal (melanin). Yorùbá science affirmed that: “Àgbé’nú omi ríran n t’ẹja” meaning the fish’s ability to see is in water. This affirmation is used to seek clarity to spiritual and metaphysical matters. The fish in this matter is linked to a child in the oceanic water of his mother perceiving with clarity in his mother’s womb. The child (mermaid/season/seastar/seachild) is navigating in her mother’s world with Christ awareness (Chi/light) of Matter and Child attributes. This is also linked to the clarity of Ọ̀rúnmìlà, the stage one has to reach to clarify spiritual matters.

    From this perspective and knowledge it is wise to breastfeed children in order to maintain and sustain the awareness of the Mother and Son energetic relationship which is infinite on etheric level. Yemọja energy attests to this universal principle of mother and son (daughter) relationship. As we breastfeed our youngstars, they continue to emerge and reemerge as the suns in their infinite glories. The sun re-emerges everyday from the dark waters of infinity. The sun himself/herself is clothed in dark matter (dark water) as her source of existence while still maintaining his/her own energy. This glorified sun/son is the energy in motion, an emotion sourced from his Mama.

    Mammary gland is also sourced from the essense of Mammare (Mem mory) in relation to Olódùmarè – the Supreme God of the Yorùbú people. Olódùmarè, according to Yorùbá science, is the Self Existence Being. The prefixes Ol, Ẹl, Ọl and Al are very common in Yorùbá Language and these prefixes are used interchangeably. Of interest is the fact that they are used to represent something of higher nature. Examples are Elédùmarè, Olódùmarè, Aládéògo, Ọlọ́run, Olókun. The names are some of the names of the Supreme Being in Yorùbá religion. They are also used to represent something of lower nature. Alálẹ̀ is an attributes of transitioned elders, deities and ancestors. Alálẹ̀ means the guardians of the Ilẹ̀/land/earth/body/temple. Mammare is the Mama of mare. Mare is related to Mary. Mary corresponds to Mari, Maria, Meri, Merry, Mara. All these names have relation with Water (Womb/Mind), Mother, Matter (Mata), Maat, Matthew, Matrix, Metu, feminine principle, rainbow serpent, stars, stella, pyramid, mound, mermaid (mormaid/merman). There are striking resemblances in the intonations and etymologies of these names. For example, rainbow is known as Òṣùmàrè/Èṣùmàre in Yorùbá Language Arts.


     Because knowledge and love are eternal and infinite, they are related to Memory for the undying and unfading nature of Cosmic Mother, Divine Mother is Ethernal! And all these are related to Mammary (Memory). Again, It is worthy to note that mothers pass their emotions to their breastfed babies. Based on this information, mothers should be knowledgeable and possess vast amount of wisdom in order to nourish their children into optimum health. A breastfeeding mother should have the knowledge of the Universe and the Wisdom of Divine Mother of all existences. As a matter of fact,male and female should have these knowledge of memorial self before they embark on relationship and proceeding to have children.

    A woman should have the proper ritual of passages including real and organic transitioning to womanhood through the process of puberty. The right herbs and foods to ingest to support puberty. In the case of Yorùbá female child, she should have the knowledge of self manifested in the trinity of Yemọja, Ọ̀ṣun and Ọya or in the form of the Triple Darkness and the manifestation of Àjẹ́ Mẹ́ta (The 3 Wisdomes). All other female child of other cultures can have the trinity according to their cultural expressions. She should know how and where to preconceive children and how to nourish her body to optimum health in order to nourish the baby in her womb.

    The woman should know how to be intune with the Deity of Birth (Ìyá Àbíyè, Màmá Àbíyè, Mami) rooted in her very own essense. The female should be remembered with the science of womb meditation including womb dance and bead wearing believed to be effective for heightened femininity in women, balancement and future child birthing. She should be equipped with the knowledge of squatting practices to ensure optimum birthing process;  breastfeeding for her child’s health and wellness; the maintenance of etheric cord (bonding) between her and her child and the right application of herbs and foods to replenish the nutrients she sacrificed during the whole rite of passages. Be intone with her masculinty. She should know herself. These are some of the ancient practices embodied in the past, present and the future as one.

    Practical application of knowledge is the key to balancement and fulfilment. In the matter of a man or a male child, he should go through the pristine right of passages including having the knowledge of the Triple Darkness, the womb, the male and female physiologies, spirituality, be intune with his femininty, knowledge of birthing, inception, astrology, universal science, geometry, numbers, star science, economics, crystal science, nutritional science, herbology, provision, motherhood, fatherhood, Àjẹ́hood, manhood, womanhood, sexual science, Nature, Puberty herbs and foods, wellness and health. He should know himself. Puberty is a rite of passage women and men should take seriously. This stage in the life of a male or female child is one of the aspects of growth that usually have a say later in life. Puberty is like a course you have to master as you journey through it for experience. It is one of the rite of passages human go through.

    A male child should be supported and nourished throughout this process for successful navigation through this incredible stage. Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, Elder brothers and Male Mentors should be around to support this “period of life” for the male child will have questions that need to be answered. Likewise Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers, Elder sisters and Female Mentors should be around to support the female child during this period. Elders in the form above should let the youngstars have information about human history in relation to how we have come about and our present state of existence. The whole rite of passage should help the child to cleanse out possible intergenerational curses passed on to him/her by her/his ancestors. This cleanse on all possible levels carried out before the “coming of age” child and ‘soon to be woman/man’ start thinking of starting a family. This is one of the reasons most ancients let their children know their histories. The ancients are known as Keeper of Stories. Our Earth history is very deep.





I am High

Am I on drogue or something?

I am high

When I hear people talking about herbs

I am High

When I see people buying herbs

I am high

When we are regrowing herbs

I am High

Do I have to be high or low?

I am high

Because to be high you have to be low

I am high

As Above So Below

I am high

When people engaged with plants for healing purposes

I am High

Because the herbs are for the healing of nations

I am high

For life is about regeneration

I am high

When it is about natunomics

I am high

For it is about interwombness

I am High

When people intune with Nature

I am High

Because of my Oriki

I am high

When people prefer Neter(Natural) to Synthetic

I am High

When people prefer organic to misorganic

I am High

When people prefer organic natural to misorganic natural

I am High

When people use natural organics instead of natural misorganics

I am High

And why I am so high?

Iam high

Because our bodies are organic and natural

I am high

When women breastfed their children

I am High

When females become aware and alive

I am high

When women protect and nurture their young

I am High

When females put Children first

I am High

When parents allow Nature complex to shine

I am High

When men protect their families

I am High

When males guide their youngstars

I am high

For it is about the seasons

I am high

Because it is about the seastars

I am High

When we live according to natural laws

I am High

When we accord to natural Universal arrangements

I am High

When we live in complementarity

I am High

When we source completion

I am High

When we shun equality in sex

I am High

When we embrace differences in social, cultural values

I am high

When we placed education over inculcation

I am High

When education is about revealing hidden qualities in people

I am High

When learning is about activating progressive talents in people

I am High

When we value life education over limited training

I am High

When we know thyselves

I am High

When we know thy Nature

I am High

When spirituality corresponds to religion

I am High

When we place ancient religion over contemporary religion

I am High

Spiritualised religion is about connecting to Nature

I am High

For Spiritualised religion is about reconnecting to Neter

I am High

When we balance spirituality with materiality

I am High

Both sides of the realms must be fed to achieve equilibrium

I am High

When we delve into the unknown

I am High

When astra-o-logic takes effect

I am High

When we are aware of sex

I am High

When we know about sexuality

I am High

When we conscious about politics

I am High

When we conscious about culture

I am High

When we conscious of social values

I am High

When know-led-ge takes effect

I am High

When wis-dom conquers all

I am High

When we about true leadership

I am High

When it is not all about  true rulership

I am High

When women take their Queen-Mother-doms

I am High

When men lead their kingdoms

I am High

When women recognise wisdom

I am High

When men recognise knowledge

I am High

When we about Wisdom Quotient

I am High

When we value Knowledge Quotient

I am High

When we speak about Histories

I am High

When we talk about Ourstories

I am High

When we tell of Herstories

I am High

When people listen to innerselves

Its High

When there is no Devil but people do evil

Its High

When there is Devil but people do no evil

I am High

When history becomes your responsibility

I am High

When Education becomes your responsibility

I am High

When health becomes my responsibility

I am High

When culture becomes our responsibilities

I am High

When it is about morals rather than manners

I am High

When God is within

I am High

When God is without

I am High

When Divine is Above

I am High

When Divine is Below

I am High

When we prefer naturalness over normality

I am High

When we eat the best of what is available

I am High

When people eat to live

I am High

When people do not eat to die

I am high

For it is about (w)holistic

I am High

For it is not about isolation

I am High

When there is cocaleaf instead of cocaine

I am High

When we use Yohimbe bark over Yohimbine

I am High

When there is Valerian instead of valium

I am High

When we cherish Common Unity

I am High

When it is about Gnostics

I am High

When it is about Sufi

I am High

When it is about Tantra

I am High

When it is about Sophia

I am High

When it is about Goddess Tara

I am High

When it is about Ma’at

I am High

When oppression is destroyed

I am High

When we practice Al-chemistry

I am High

When expression is elevated for the greater good

I am High

When it is about Per-Neter

I am High

When we talk about Kemet

I am High

When we speak of borndays to physical bodies

I am high

When we give birthdays to women

I am High

When we give Earthdays to Soul incarnations

I am High

When we are about solar return (emanation)

I am High

Because the Subjective realm is infinite and eternal

I am High

Because individual is indivisible duality

I am High

Because Nature is The Most High’s laboratory

I am High

Because God seperates to individual beings for common experience

I am High

Because individual beings unite back to God for common eternalness

I am High

Ma’atmatics is the Universal law

I am High

I owe no apology for my highs

I am High

My high is my natural high

I am High

When truth is the authority

 I am High

These are all my Highs

I am High            

Because I am high with The Most Highs

I am High

Because I am high with The Most High

I am High

For I am with The Higher Beings (Neterus)

I am high

For my body in happiness

I am high

Because I am with hopiness

I am high

For I am with The Nagas

I am high

Because I am a Nigerian

I am high

For I am from the Womb

I am high,

I am High, I am High

I am high

For I represents The Womb

I am high

For I am in the Womb of Eternity

I am high

For I am from the Wombman

I am High

For I am a Yorùbá Moor

I am High

For I am the Elder’s Child

I am high

Because I am striving for Highest Morals

I am high

For we are Ethiopians

I am high

For we are the eye of Ether

I am high

Because we are the face of Etherians

I am high

For we are Ethnics, Ethnos, Ethics

I am high

Because we created Ethos

I am

For the ancestors are in me

I am high

Because Neteru is reaching me

I am High

For I have soul in me

I am high

For I am powered by my soul

I am high

For my body resides in my soul

I am high

For my soul intune with my body

I am high

For my body is Nature’s temple

I am high

For I hate being low

I am high

For aloneness is good for the soul

I am high

Because aloneness is food for my soul

I am high

Because it is moor of al to be high

I am High

For my library told me: “Be Moor”

I am high

For I love to give and receive

I am high

For I like religion (cosmology)

I am high

For I dislike pseudo-religion

I am high

Because I ingests trees nutrients

I am high

For in Nature is my love and peace

I am high

For the Neterus are watching me

I am high

Because everyone born of a woman

Is a Moor

I am high

Because Amma causes the grasses to grow

I am high

Because i experience the opposite

I am high

Mother Earth keeps supporting me

I am high

For my needs are met

I am High

Because I am doing my soul purpose

I am high

Because I am given the grace ascend

I am high

For solar energy is my soul

I am high

For I am Energy in Motion

I am high

Because I am in Dark Matter

I am high

For I am The Dark mater

I am high

For Amma is beneficent

I am high

For my Soul is supported with greens

I am high

For I am Thankhful for my Soul

I am high

For I am with the Divine Mother

I am high

For I am In Eternalness



This poem is compliments of Ọmọàgbàmẹ́tàlá and wámikàmpt



Arrogance and emptiness on the highest level

I am beginning to see and notice the arrogance from some particular type of human spirit. Imagine you are the Landlord and your tenant(s) wanted to take over your property, they want to drive you out from your own domain. Imagine you allow your friend to stay with you because of homelessness and your friend want to run you out and take over. Imagine your tenants and your friends are working something together against your very essence to say the least. And now they think you will be pleading and begging them to live and if as to say your right to live depends on them. In case you are wondering what this is about. Well this is about some humans who think Our Mother Planet Earth depends on them for her very essence and her own existence. Our mother Earth does not need anybody’s validation to exist or live. Humans cannot drive her out of her own home. Humans cannot drive her away from herself. She is the female planet who gives humans the grace to be here, to stand and live on her.


Every time we inserted our electric keys and gas cards into their respective slots, there appear the message “debt owed” I used to wonder why this is because it does not matter the amount of “credit” in the keys and cards, the same message prompted. Then I used to think where does all this debt come from? But then, I still have the same thought, but just get a little easier. Now I am starting to think about the possible debt indebted to Mother Earth and in an organic sense, she is really our creditor loaning us things that we need to navigate through our past reincarnations and present incarnations on her. How do we really pay Mother Earth back for all these times we have been here? In my opinion, it is impossible to pay her back in all its entirety for debt is part of human illusory styles.

So going back to the supplier of gas and electricity, they just might be saying to the user that by using this card and key, you owed Mother Earth for using that gas and electricity, for they are part of her genetic make-up. Now, do you see why we cannot pay back everything that we owed her? However, we can reduce our debt by following, harmonising and respecting Universal Earth law (Laws of Nature). Just like you go look for job and you have been instructed to read and comply with company rules. Though this example might be lame when comparing universal Earth law to human business, I am sure this will do for now.

We can pay her back by starting to see the repercussions of our activities including but not limited to, pillaging the Earth’s organic bones, cartilages and tendons (gold, diamonds and other treasures), oil, gas (blood, lipids and lymphatic systems) and other glands (organs and organelles). Just look at the amount of treasured stones that are in geographical locations of every nations and countries. These minerals were put there by the Creator to allow for communal reciprocity in the sense that the vegetation we are dependent on for sustenance and maintenance of life are being designed to access the Earth’s minerals, uptake these minerals and bring them to the surface in order for humans, animals and other beings to ingest, thereby getting the necessary nutrients vital to existence (life).

And for some of us who are talking about abandoning our Mother Earth and go to heaven(s). You want to escape Mother Earth for the fear of not reaping what you sew (Karmic debt).  How can you make it to heaven when you have not even mastered the essence of our Great Mother? In my opinion, people who really deserved to ascend to a better place are those who have done the work of reciprocity on Earth, those who have learned the science and arts and therefore the action of giving back in accordance with Universal Law. People who strive to live and lean more on the side of need rather than want. You see there are many things we desired in life which do not serve the purpose of helping us to grow spiritually. Enough of this nonsense for life supposed to be based on what we need to navigate through the Earth’s system, to learn our lessons and hopefully grow from these lessons.

When you use the word like” I need to protect Mother Earth” sounds arrogant and boastful to me. To be organic and technical, humans need to protect themselves from themselves. Humans lack the ability to protect Mother Earth. Let us protect ourselves by acting as the true planet keeper in the form of returning the seeds of plants to the soil for joyful regeneration for years to come. Let us protect ourselves by learning not to be wastefull. Now these are some of the ways to protect ourselves and “protect” Mother Earth.

Many of us marvel at the accomplishments of some ancients who became sages and have given our worlds some standard to live by including what we called Egalitarian society today. The sages were on this planet just like us, gave examples by lived the life based on sharing organic love and balance. Some of these beings are with us today trying to help us grow in awareness of our present and passed histories. Our Great Mother Earth has always been giving but imagine you are a mother who gives so much love in the essence of organic love manifested in breastfeeding, night vigils (sleep-less shadow nights), and in most matters, sleep-less daylights. If the mother does not replenish those sacrifices she sacrificed for her children, then her body may end up in some serious nutritional debt. This mode will create unbalance in the structure of the family including the relationship with the husband. After all, it was her nutrients she gave up for her children. This is why it is extremely important for women in general, breastfeeding women in particular, to prioritise their health by overdose their bodies with organic nutrition in the form of foods that are nourishing.

Can you see how the example offered above relates to our Mother Earth? We all know our Mother have been around for some time now, nourishing our body, mind, spirit and soul with unconditional love which many us are not practising this days. What do we do instead? We keep pillaging the Earth, inserting and sticking poisonous syringes, pins and needles into her veins and arteries and intruding into her body poisoning her milk. So what is the deal with the arrogance and what have we lost in her that we are trying to find? You see, when we live on the principles of what is needed and not necessarily what is wanted, then we give Our Mother Earth and Earth Mother some time to recuperate their bodies, minds, souls and spirits with organic nutrition. Can we have collective awareness on this or not? I know some of human spirit IS on the level of vibrating with our Mother Earth. But…

Some section of human spirit is arrogant and empty thinking the Earth depends on us rather the other way round. We are like microbes on Earth when dealing with size and magnitude. When we are “giving back” to mother Earth, we are only giving back to ourselves and our generational children. The planet always in credit; all giving, nurturing and sustaining, as long as we as humans respect and harmonise with her rules and laws. Mother Earth does not want or need us to be indebted to her because for one, we cannot pay her back what we think we owed her. Impossible! Some ancient people knew this fact. They started to crumble when they disobeyed her natural laws and the rest is story.

Her Right

We cannot give Planet Earth her right because for one, we are incapable to do so. (2) She set laws for us – natural law for that matter. (3)Planet Earth is a daughter being to her own Mother Universe. All her right comes from her own mother, not from humans. When we refuse to change our ways by polluting and mistreating Nature, it is only a matter of time before mother Earth gets her cleanse. And we all should know by now what that means. You figure that out.

We need to be humble and appreciate the true landlord who lends us her properties. Mother Earth will keep giving us a place to stay in and live on as long as we show gratitude her true landlordness. It is beautiful to say thank you to your source of existence. It is rewarding to acknowledge our very essence of life. So to my cousins all over the world, instead of saying “we need to give mother Earth her right or we need to protect mother Earth”,  Let us keep observing natural law, follow her laws, obey, resonate, vibrate and harmonise with our Mother Earth.

May the Mother Earth keep her abundance on the Human spirit, Àṣẹ.

Thank you for reading.

This article is compliments of Ọmọ Àgbà Mẹ́tàlá and Wámikàmpt.

“Ancestral”  visit to Stonehenge.

A while ago, one of my big seastars invited me to pay ancestral visit to Stonehenge temple. I was gratefull because I have never visited the site (temple) before. I am not sure if I had done that in my passed incarnations. I must say the travelling to the stone temple was quite impressive. I did not know what was in the minds of the people I travelled with regarding their own purpose of visiting the temple or what they wanted to get out of this journey. I think the commonality or the single thread which wrapped all of us in one was the element of cultural Mystery; the one with the hope of unraveling some ancient knowledge and functioning wisdom.

The Ubuntu Social Living Group


We got to the temple, did what we had to do in relation to monetary passes  for the stonehenge temple is now an heritage and tour centre. Next we aligned with the rest of the people who already touring the temple. People were not allowed to get close to the stones. The closest you can get to the stones had to be done through Camera zooming and adjusting the power of your own eyes and more importantly the mystery of your true eye, your first eye (third eye). Yorùbá people called this third eye (inner eye), Ojú inú.

We went around this temple several times reasoning with one another.  Brother Daniel and Seastar Darna gave some lectures to the young people that were onboard. I think they were excited to have been there. They could have been somewhere else. I was hapi when I was observing them questioning brother Daniel, myself, Seastar Darna and themselves. There was something good about this group of young people and I credited Brother Daniel, seastar Darna and others for their influences and positions within the group. They (young stars) appeared to be thirsty for knowledge because they were really throwing questions back and forth.

Ubuntu checking out the Stonehenge

I did like the stones and their arrangements. They appeared ancients and looked impressive. It was meant to be 360 degrees and arranged in a circle (cycle). I am not sure about the rest of the group; I did feel like the stones were communicating with me. Like they were telling me something but I could not fully grasp the message. Our search and research informed our group that the stones were not originally at where they are now. We are informed that the stones were moved from Wales to the present domain. We could not get information on why the stones were moved and for the fact that the Elders who took us there did this for historical heritage, self-identity, group awareness and self-improvement. After all, the common unity of the group is “I am because we are, we are so therefore I am”, Ubuntu.

As we moved around these enormous and magnificent stony (bony) structures from Mother Earth, One of the Young People was reading from a book: “Free Your Mind” (Andrew Muhammad) which shone light on the possible origin, culture and spirituality of the people with the first thought and deed of the Stone Temple. We were told the originality of the Stone Temple (Stonehenge) was as ancient as the Great pyramid of ancient Kemet.

Although our reason for visiting the Stonehenge was not to affirmed the age of Stonehenge and most definitely not to engage in intellectual wrestling (debating) with forever ready for battle specialists, it is rewarding to hear this type of information which may help the Young People of Ubuntu to relate their mission of common unity and shared values with the communal living of Stone Temple. It is believed that spirits, entities and deities do reside in stones, gems and crystals, trees, waters and other portals. Whether those that reside in thesedomains are good or evil, positive or negativeis another question. For the world we are living in is a world of duality and polarity; good/evil, positive/negative, female/male, feminine/masculine, anion/cation, child/elder. In Yorùbá system, this polarity is known as “Ti Ibi ti Ire ni a dá Ilé Ayé.”

And once the reality of duality living is realised, then we have the ability based on choice to do more good and positive things than negative things. For it is said that the Universe process positive information faster than the negative ones. This kind of group outing/journey may be therapeutic fo the visitor. It is also said that it is perfectability of character which Yorùbá called Ìwà which matters at the end. We are reminded in ancient Kemet that it is the weighing of the soul which correspond with weighing of the heart that grants us eternal freedom. This freedom or the lack thereof is ruled by Ma’at.

Young star reading about Stonehenge

After spending couple of hours walking around the temple, we finally bid farewell to the Stonehenge centre and boarded our bus back to London. Everyone one of us reflected on this amazing experience, especially the one that gave the young stars the opportunity and affordability to tell their own stories using Stonehenge as one of their references. It is great to read about something in a book, it is beautiful to be told about something orally and it also rewarding to see for self what’s been read and told when and if it is still around.

The stonehenge is a reflection of an ancient sacred geometry. There have been issues surrounding this temple. Some of these issues surrounding the identity of the builders, the purpose and use of this temple, when it was bbuilt and how it was built. You know things are so messed up these days that this sort of questions been going round and round. Just like the matters of pyramids in Kemet and others all over the world. If we just focus on the builders of these ancients structures what will happen to our own ancient structures which include our mind, body, soul and spirit. It is all right to write thousands of pages with incredible findings and it is equally beautiful to write thousands of pages about the genetic make-up of the researcher and the writer.

When I reflected on those beautiful megalithic structures I am reminded of the possibility of great things which can come from these ancient children (young stars) of ours. It is not enough to make reference to ancestral heritage that serve as an ancestral cord with our ancestors, but to start thinking about how we can use the remains of the ancient structures to further our journey to the essence of Ìwà (character). It is also insufficient to engage in the history of things alone and not thinking of how we may balance this with the mystery aspect of all things, the very key to attain wisdom in order for anything including Stonehenge to be used well.  We read in history documentations that the Stonehenge was used for many things, including astronomical calculation, planting/growing/harvesting tools, worship, etc.

Section of the Stonehenge

While we marvelled at these incredible stones and what purpose they served our ancestors, we also need to start thinking and doing what we would leave behind for generations to come. I am impressed by the young stars for they came out to bear witness to what human being can do on positive tone or negative note.

We need to make use of ancient artefacts and relics when available to educate ourselves first and thereby passing on real knowledge and wisdom based on facts to our young stars. Our Educators must know better and create mind of using historical accomplishments for responsibility rather than gratification. For what is the use of talking about passed accomplishment of your ancestors without the children building on the ancestral heritage?  Heritage is there to serve as a reference point (more like a drawing board) to give us something to start on. Once we have this we start building our own legacies based on the time we are living while acknowledging ancestral presence in our endeavours. We also study our ancestors reasoning of why they did what they did during their own physical time. And we also strive to avoid their mistakes for not all ancestral histories are pleasing to the soul. We are reminded that we are all ancestors coming back and forth to improve on our soul. Ancestors are in every one of us for we are the ancestors. It is wise to strive to ascend the ancestors within us and also transform our ancestors into evolvingBeings by emphasising on finding the key to unlock the Òrìṣas within and remembered our dismembered ancestral link.

Yoruba life science reminds us that before we reverence ancestors outside of self, we must reverence our ancestors inside each and every one of us. This ancestral energy is the emanations of the Òrìṣas rooted in innerself. Yorùbá life sciences advise us to reverence our Orí, the crown of our Energies (Òrìsàs) in us: “Orí mi, Orí mi, Orí mi. Ta ni a bá bọ bí kò ń ṣe Orí. Kí á fi Òrìṣà sí’lẹ̀, kí á bọ Orí.”  -  My head, my head (soul), my head (spirit). Who shall we reverence rather than my head? It is best to reverence my head (the emanations of all Òrìṣàs within me, which is me) than to reverence an external Òrìṣàs. Organik religion and spirituality should lead you into the science and art of yourself. Stonehenge Temple may help us to return to the knowledge of self because it is said that the Kingdom of the Creator is within. Let us start the awakening of all the Stonehenges and the Pyramids within.

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I am thankfull for the entire Ubuntu Social Living for this opportunity. Ubuntu is” Iam because We are, and We are therefore Iam.”


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This article is compliments of Ọmọ Àgbà Mẹ́tàlá and Wámikàmpt.

Ingesting angels by ingesting vegetation (plants)


Angels and Plants are two of the imprints of the Most High Creator, the Lord of the boundless Universe. The Creator created things and Beings for specific purposes. These purposes include carrying out divine messages from one plane (realm) to another plane. These planes may be called dimensions or densities. Density and dimension are related to planets.

Every time we observe plants, we are looking into sacred geometry as well as the alchemical natures of the Universal Creator. The same is said of other entities including humans, animals, minerals, etc. This article is about the relationship between humans, plant family (as the angels) and The Creator. Seen and Unseen natures are the reflections of the Most High Creator. Since ancient time, plants have become our intermediary or pathway to divine communication with the Universe. Plants were afforded to us for some reasons, (1) to help us repair broken links with our Creator, (2) to restore some essence of humanity (human unity) in humans, (3) to serve as the bridge for restoration of the souls, for in ancient scriptures and in oral stories, it is said that the leaf of the tree shall be healing for the Nations. (4), In plants we find the sacred geometry which helps us in atonement and realignment with self and thereby unity with the Most High Neterus.

                       The Power of self love (13) in Pyramidal geometry in Kukumba (Cucumber)

When we apply wholistic principles to everything in Nature, we realised that there always exist the harmonising working definitions of unity manifested in all areas of life. Everything is designed this way to serve specificity. There is no mistake. Everything by definition is Law, Universal Laws. Humans, plants, minerals and animals were intentionally created this way.

There are attributes of the Laws of the Universe, the Law of Nature and everything in between. Nothing exists in isolation. The minerals in plants are wholistics and holistics. I am not aware of any plants created by The Creator with just a single mineral within it. Plants contain spectra of minerals with varying characteristics and intelligences. The alchemical nature left in plants allowed them to change the inorganic minerals found in Earth’s soil into organic minerals readily available for human and animal nutrition. The same process allow for changing minerals to vitaminerals including amino acids (the building blocks of protein), carbohydrates, fats, micronutrinets, macronutrients, etc. Nature is incredibly alchemical. The availability of minerals found in plants may largely depends on the soil in which the plants grow.

Minerals in these plants serve as the blueprints for the messengers (angels) of The Creator. Examples may be found in land plants and sea vegetations. Just like The Creator is wholistic so also is the plant. Minerals in plant give nutrition to living things and The Creator gives nutrition to all things and beings. When human ingest plant nutrients, we are ingesting The Creator’s nutrients. The Creator’s nutrients are the macrocosm of the plant’s nutrients microcosm. Through this process, The Creator is sharing her attributes with humans in order to love and evolve back to our original states. The plant’s nutrients are energy storedfrom different planets, suns and stars because the Earth is related to them. From time immemorial, plants were ingested for religious, medicinal, nutritional and spiritual purposes. What our ancients ancestors or ancient humanityhas, was the comprehension of plants world which in turn afforded them essence of divine living. Some of their children all over the Earth’s plane are trying to do the same. Though things have changed since that time, the generations of many plant species are still with us today. The modern day children or modern humanity are not inventing natural tradition, they merely returning to it.

The varying compositions of plant’s nutrients correspond to the dimensions and realms on heavens and Earths. Humans emphasise the integrity of certain plants over another because of the specificity, efficacy and potency. So we have dimension based on usefulness. Again there are realms in heavens and on earth. That is why people used the terms such as heavenly realms and earth dimensions or densities.  Ancient ancestors knew some plants were terrestrial and some of them were extraterrestrial on planet Earth. In the personification of spirit and soul, we found that some plants and planets become the darlings of ancient Neteru. Mushrooms are believed to have extraterrestrial origins (Orísun). Ancient and modern stories tell of extraterrestrial Gods descended from higher planes to seed plants, animals and humans. Some plants were designed to have higher awareness properties. Some are for lower awareness and some are for both. We are referring to the totality of the mind, body and spirit, mental, physical and spiritual.  Majority of the vegetation on land are attributes of differing cultures with diverse properties and spiritual lineage (Oríkì).  Ancient ancestors dedicated festivals, ceremonial rituals to plants and spiritual entities who watch over them. In addition, ancient and some of their modern children practiced reciprocity and propriety principles, rooted in sacred rituals.  Sea vegetation is no exception. In Yorùbá societies, this particular rite is known as Ọdún Òrìṣà Oko. (Harvesting festival of Forest/plant deity).

Because Man and plant are miniature version of higher being (Neteru), they are characterised this way to cater to symbiotic relationship immersed in different realms. Just like man has its origin, so is plant. Man can trace her ancestry back to the universe, plants can do the same. Living on the Earth’s surface (epidermal layer) and beneath the Earth’s surface (dermal) are found man and the plant worlds with distinctive characters and shared similarities. Further, plants and Man (Woman) extended into the boundless oceans of our mother planet as well as the watery Universe. There exist mythical and mystical facts shrouded in ancient stories and higher science with regards to higher beings in the ocean worlds.

“Weeds” (seaweeds and landweeds)

It is becoming common knowledge that sea vegetation is superior in nutritional and medicinal values compared to land vegetation. This being the matter, sea and oceans dwellers in the form of intelligence and higher sense could be said to have superior intelligence and higher vibrational energy compared to land dwellers including humans. A lot of humans are fascinated with the water world. Ancient ancestors were fascinated with the water world too. For the mere fact that we came from the oceans of water – womb, it is reasonable to say that there exist greater affinity for water and some fear of water bodies as well. This may be due to majority of humans who do not want to return to physical mothership and/or our cosmic mothership (smile). 



There are many plants on land that are perceived as weeds which are too numerous to mention here. Some of them are medicinal, therapeutic or nutritious. Dandelion, burdock and nettle are some of these “weeds”, very plentiful on lands and ingested by people who valued their nutritive and tonifying properties.  A while ago, somebodycommented on one of Youtube’s documenteries on Seaweed: “why are we so fascinated or crazy about eating seaweeds when we refused or shying away from eating land weeds?”  I can relate to this statement because it is right on the money.  In my personal opinion, I feel and think that we are scared to ingest these land weeds because (1), we have been programmed to do so. (2), these plants appeared too easily to us that we do not strive for them for ingestion. (3), it clearly shows that we have so far removed from Nature thereby creating cultivation and domestication of plants that are available to us today. (4), majority of humans in general, citified people in particular, are ignorant of plant world and chosed to remain this way.

                                                           Wild Dandelion Greens         

So for us to be fascinating with ocean or sea plants (seaweeds), we must have mastered the land weeds first thereby giving us the knowledge and feelings to interact with with the sea community. Why? Because the sea community know what our relationship is to the plants on land (smile).

Many researches have shown that cultivated human-made plants are inferior in nutrient’s quality compared to wild (free) plants afforded to us by Mother Nature. Mother Nature’s food is supreme. And they are created to serve different purposes. They are also designed to harmonise with the Universal law including the “seasons”  We need to have more interest in so-called land weeds, study them, listen to them, communicate with them and humbly ask them to give or release their nutrients for us to use for specificity. And we need to start thanking them for giving up their nutients. Remember the thanksgiving for Ọdún Òrìṣà Oko. On a personal note, I feel like the word weed is related to word (communication), world (earthly realm), wild (free), weird (mystery) wind (life/change) wand (change), etc. Just a thought. 


                                       Wild Stinging Nettle

Another interesting facts pointed out by one of my brethren is the deplenishing of nutrients in the Earth because of the way we harvest or dug out minerals including diamond, gold, silver for customised wear. Gaia Earth reminded humans that those minerals which are vital to the maintenance of human life are meant to be in the Earth in order for plants to absorb them and bring them to the surface for humans and and other animals to ingest on. This information is on point for the fact that loads of us are deficient in many vitaminerals which are essential for our wellbeing. We must remember that the plants retain the ability to convert inorganic minerals to organic minerals in the soil (earth)thereby made available to them and eventually to animals and humans for bioavailability, digestibility and absorbability.

When you are studying plants, you are studying some aspects of your characters. So study the plants, protect their essence by discouraging the use of poisoning agents including pesticides and herbicides. Every time pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on the plants, you are spraying these chemical on your essence and Mother Essence. Be watchful and cautious when you are picking or foraging for wild plants in order to possibly minimise exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

So when you around some land “weeds” including dandelion and nettles, show them respect and thanked them for supporting human lives and the lifes of those seen and unseen Beings. They will release their nutrients for us which will gives us more access to angels and higher Beings nutrients through Mother Nature.



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This article is a compliment of Ọmọ Àgbà Mẹ́tàla and Wámikàmpt.

Nigeria from Within     

Some of us tend to be ashamed of our origin due to years of programming, which for most part lead us to dishonour our mystery and forever embrace our history. As we are outside looking in, we see our origin and the origin appeared too tiny or little, to the extent that we might have phrase like: “Is that my origin?” I did not originate from there? And a sound vibration is manifested; “Yes that is your origin people.”Then we appeared to be expanding, our orísun is expanding as well yet looks smaller. And because Orísun  is increasing in size and magnitude makes it the most important of all the sizes. This article will observe how we have been disrepecting our Maternal (Mother) land for a while and how this attitude is leading her children to spiritual degeneration. The article also gives some practical advice and working solutions to some of these challenges.

The Origin corresponds to Orísun in Yorùbá cosmology which is the cradle; Orísun is the feminine energy which gravitates as matter (mater that moves as Energy) and gives life to the cradle. She also takes life from the cradle and sent cradle to the grave. Then grave metamorphosised into cradle again for the springing of new life. She has been the Law of al pre-birth humanity. Yorùbá cosmology shares relativity with other Ethnics, tribes and Nations the world over. Remember Pangea as one Land which dismembered herself into lands governing by her seeds. The same pangea is coming again because she is striving to remembered herself into one wholeness. Nigeria is one of that wholeness in the resurrection of Pangea.

Emanationally and emotionally speaking, I am a Nigerian descendant of the ancient Nigeria (Ngr). In the light of this, I can use Nigeria as a classic example. You might ask: why classic? Because Nigeria is a very old, ancient Nation; Nigeria is a feminine nation, so also are all areas of the world’s people with the word Nation as their backbones.  Nigeria is of the relation to the ancient Ngr, Naga, Neteru, Queen, Empress, feminine, the ones who reverences the Great Divine Mother. Check the word, Nation, Nature, Natural, National, Naturu, Neteru,Nectar, Native, Neterrat, you will find out these words are the variations of the word, Neter (Ntr). Get into the etymologies and meanings of words and ask your intuition to guide you to truth. Nation is nothing but Nat + ion. Nat is Net, and ion is power.

Remember in science, when an element has a charge, it is in motion, full of energy and electricity. Hence an electrical charge. When this come together, we have Nat + Ion = Nation which is power of Neter, for ion is power. And remember Sodium (Na) in the periodik tabel and how it is important to life and procreation. Nigeria is a feminine nation with primordial Ngrian origin (Orísun). To claim nationality means you came from a woman, mother, matter, mater, for every nation emanated from a womb as seeds and the same seed has seeds in her:

Nigeria, we hail thee,

Our own dear native land,

Though tribe and tongue may differ,

In brotherhood we stand,

Nigerians all are proud to serve

Our sovereign Motherland.

Our flag shall be a symbol

That truth and justice reign,

In peace or battle honoured,

And this we count as gain,

To hand on to our children

A banner without stain.

O God of all creation,

Grant this our one request,

Help us to build a nation

Where no man is oppressed,

And so with peace and plenty

Nigeria may be blessed.


Look closely at the Nigerian National Anthem, Nigeria We Hail Thee, 1960-1978, it clearly shows that Nigeria was a feminine nation, feminine in the sense that a nation which reverences/hails her origin, her Mama: “Nigeria we hail thee, our own dear native land...”

Now what do we reverence or hail, most? Our mother, be she Earth Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Universe, Mary, Merry, Mọ́remí. I do not get the chance to hear people talking about Earth Father, Father Earth, Father Nature, Father Universe. It is always about the feminine principle for our innersense (instinct and intuition) makes us behave like that. Everywhere you go in Nigeria, there are reverences to women being the origins of our physical incarnations; women are the sweet and salt of the Earth. Remember the song “sweet mother” by Prince Nico Mbarga, not very long ago. Just a digression, now back to our matter. In the 1960-1978 National Anthem, the word native (which is a variation of aboriginal, ancient, ancestry Ntr) is mentioned alongside others. Sovereign Motherland is also included in the National Anthem.

Now sovereignty is about true freedom in which people are free to live on land and do as they please as long as their deeds reflect and sustain balance. A sovereign land allows the dwellers to practice true love and make them live independently and dependently (balance) without the infringement of somebody’s human right. In a nutshell, you do not violate the right of other human beings to live and your essence should mirror Universal/Natural Laws. Sovereignty is also about emerging from your mother’s womb. Sovereignty is about managing the resources of your borrowed portion of Land which is loaned or credited to you by Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the real and true Landlord. Human Being never seem to amazes me when we begin to fight and kill each other over land which is a fallacy that you owned land. I have not come across a new born baby with land documents in his/her hand claiming or proclaiming “this is my land people” The baby emerges from her/his mother’s womb with nothing mundane on hand. Everything she is going to need for her soul purpose is already here. All he has to do is to be given the chance to have his fair share of the land to function as member of human family. If you truly believe you owned a land, why don’t you take it with you when you transitioned?The act of transitioning (changing of energy/form) is known in Yorùbá language art as Pa’pòdà.

You see, majority of the ancient world knew this fact that you cannot truly owned lands, and thereby maintained the culture of land guardianship for the sole purpose of fulfilling your soul purpose on Earth. The guardians of the lands are spiritual people who see the values and worth of need rather than want. They emphasised on how we can turn our needs into our wants. Some cultures in Nigeria and some other parts of the world are still about this true sovereignty. And another key part of sovereignty being granted to us by her Majesty, Mother Earth, is to be able to moor and navigate on all continents/waters  in her essence. This was what very ancient inhabitants of this Planet used to enjoy until things started falling apart. Nigeria was/is a sovereign Motherland which is maintained by spiritually balanced women (the spiritually balanced women practice true love). The Yorùbá people of Nigeria called this true love Ìfẹ́Òtító. These women are the true custodians/guardians of Earth in general, Nigeria in particular. I emphasise on women being spiritually balanced because these women are the key to life and death. Their energies powered Nigeria as a Nation.

Now if they are spiritually unbalanced, chaos is inevitable. Majority of the world’s women have forgotten who they really are and a result, hatred and poison ruled their world and ultimately the world of their children.  If women all over the world start to practice good àjẹ́ or Wadjet or the highest form of remembered spirituality (Ma’at) available to humanity, things will change for the better. The yorùbá word, Àjẹ́ means a witch. Seeing things from a wider perspective or bigger picture, witch means wise or a Beingness with wisdom.Witchdom/wisedom/wisdom/wisdome. Wisdom is just wisdom; àjẹ́ is just àjẹ́, shall we say? The difference in the notion of àjẹ́hood is seen in the energy, frequency and vibration of a Being. Those Àjẹ́ that are involved in human/animal and blood sacrifice of all sorts are operating from lower selves of hate, chaos, jealousy. When Àjẹ́is elevated to higher self, it will be operating in Ma’at energy, an energy which brings order to disorder or chaos. So which Àjẹ́ is you or which one are you practicing?  

In Yorùbá cosmology, it reads: “Tibi tire laa dálé ayé...” which means there is good and evil in everything in creation. There are loads of moving images which explores the evilness played out by women in general, yorùbá women in particular. There are truth in this movies, however, things needing balance. As much as we talk about bad/evil Àjẹ́, we must balance it with good àjẹ́ (the ones yoruba people called Àjẹ́ Abiyamọ, Àjẹ́olomo, Àjẹ́ Àbíyèmo). The fact that the whole world is infected with hate, oppression, dead diet, kaafiruun, lies and others may be attributed to the energies of our women. Look at the state of the whole world. Majority of our mothers and women are being removed and detached from Mother Nature. You may say, what about the men? What about them? Men follow everything that women do. A man’s essence is accredited to him by the woman.A man is a male without the Womb and a woman (Womb-man) is a man with the Womb. Now this article is not about the nature of women being evil or men being evil, but what our women and men are doing to their spirituality in terms of religions and cultural ways of living (life). In order to maintain balance in our world, the highest ideals are Ma’at values.

The women birthed the men, they (women) are the source of everything on planet Earth and every balancement and unbalancement may be traced to the frequencies, vibrations and energies of the women. I say let us create an environment where women can return back to their organik (true) spirituality including returning back to Self, Nature, Mother Creator and see what happens. I keep emphasising on this because based on what is on the table, loads of women are spiritually unbalanced thereby creating an unbalanced world. The rate of women returning back to the Great Mother is minute compared to those that are cutting themselves from their source of Orísun, The Most High Divine Mother. Queen Afua reminds us of the importance of keeping our wombs pure: Through ‘your’ womb you bring life into the world. Your mind and heart are also wombs. They give birth to your ideas and deliver your desires. Take care of your womb. All of them. They’re sacred.” – Queen Afua.  Now who do we really see as the wombman? Women, for they possess more “wombs” than men. “Women has womb which makes her accessible or easier access for demons to manipulate her mind or Temple” – Da13thsun. Males can only help in the process of cleansing, purification and restoration of the Womb, the one which is clear for everyone to see, and these men must be prepared to return to self/Nature themselves by sincerely and positively acknowledge their source (essence).


Womb-like Ngr (Niger-ia)   image created by Omo Àgbà Mẹ́tàlá

It must be said that true spirituality comes from women and they have to do most of the work. Women are the backbone of everything. For anything to be effective, women energy is needed. Majority of Nigerian women are not fully aware of the roles they play in crippling their Nation. When they are waking up from the slumber, they can change things around with great effort.

It is part of my writing to emphasise that womb-men (women) are used to power the planet. Every greatness in creation and every greatness in destruction are rooted in women energy. They are the matter, the energy, the kinetic, the everything. Your computer is made up of the Motherboard, not the Fatherboard, unless both are one and the same thing. What about the Mothership we hear about these days? Your apple cider vinegar is said to be better with “The Mother” in it. One of my Elders used to say the whole world is flipped upside down and now majority of people are thinking through their anuses instead of their upper brains. I be like you is right on the money, my Elder. True balanced women waking up are not meant to compete with men for what most men are competing for are matter (material, mother) things which are some of the elements of women. Now when women compete against men for things they (the women) represent originally, whether they are aware of it or not, they tend to become self destructive: “When females began to neglect their goddess-ness in pursuit of social status, competition with males (for those that did), material things and finances, etc. they began the sojourn of neglecting their reproductive health in all women aspire to be, do, and achieve, they would be wise to not neglect their health in the process. I’m simply relating a message of BALANCE” – Djehuty Maat Ra.

All areas of human activity are rooted in women matter and powered by their kinetic energy. Women are the Mother Everything. Be aware. And while it is agreed that women make the law and the men enforce the law. I am of the opinion that the Laws has to come from balanced women. Women who sustain Ma’at Laws. I have spoken to some women in the pass regarding embracing Ma’at principles and to my findings some of these women like the idea of being the Lawmakers but do not want to practice the true Law – Ma’at. Some people just like the idea of being Law makers without wanting to work on Self and know Self. An attempt to use the Laws to achieve their own ends in an unsustainable, unbalanced, unrighteous and unhealthy way of living. This feeling or way of making and enforcing the Law only feeds Ego and not Self. Self serves Ma’at and Ma’at serves Self. In some distant pass, truly balanced women were the Law Makers and truly balanced men were the Law Enforcers.

Yorùbá medutation gives praise to women magnetism: “...ìyá wa arógba aso mo bale...” the higher translation for this is seen “in the higher spirituality attainable and endless materi-ality obtainable because all things are in women cosmic and physical Yuniverses.  Just because big number of these women are not aware (unplugged) of their self compositions does not change their organic composition but rather becomes rusted, rotten and stale. This leads to the rottenness and staleness of our Mother Nation, Nigeria.


Federal Republic of Nigeria

Our nation is Federal Republic of Nigeria. Right? Let us a take a beautifull look at our Nation’s composition:

Federal is feminine because the Yuniverse is in agreement with Feminine principles

Republic is wisdom governing the people, common unity, common values, worth, wealth, womb

Nigeria is queen (Ngr), empress, sovereignty which is related to Nagar, Naga, Serpent, wisdom, feminine

When we combine this holy trinity, triune together we are given,

Federal (Feminine), Republic (feminine, maiden), Nigeria (feminine, serpent, Ngr, wisdom)

Now all the above are the attributes of women: Feminine, Maiden, Wisdom (Naga/Serpent)

Note: Serpent is wisdom. Serpent is a Snake-like ancient wise ones. We are told in the scripture to be wise as a serpent. Wisdom is attained through ages collecting information (antennae-tion) and of applied knowledge (experience). “Wisdom is feminine, knowledge is masculine (muscular)” – Chi Bey. To make sense of this, everything that creeps or crawls is a snaky-like form including worms, snails and others. Your strand of hair, twisted/curled and appeared snake-like is a testament to the ages of wisdom. The water waves are snake-like and not moving straight. To attain wisdom one must deal with different, spiralling, wavy, “snake-like” experiences. Spiralling is an attribute of nature spirituality in which the universe is spiralling and wavy (watery) like motion. The best attributes of originality in human form is the physical manifestation of female body enriched with divine artistry by The Creator. Female bodies are built with hips, waves, flexibility and resilience to provide experience. In some Afrikan tradition, females and girls are seen wearing beads around their waists. I grew up seeing this in my hometown with loads of children beaded with what Yorùbá people called Ìlẹ̀kẹ̀. The modern version of this bead wearing may be seen in women spotting tattoos around their waistlines. It is beleived since ancient time that the beads around the waistline helps to keep waist and hips flexible and in a very suble way. It helps maintain change and subtleness in women. Owing to the wearer, it may help with gynic way of walking and may also promotes femininity (waist/hips area is a centre of power/responsibility for women which is linked to femininity and resilient serpent-like energy). The ancient practise of wearing beads is now manifested in hula hoops which are marketed as product geared towards slimming the waist and belly  (abdomen) areas. The bead formed a womb-like around the woman’s waist. Similar thing is said with belly/waist dancing.  A woman can harness her creative energy through making good use of her waistline and she can open up energy stored within this area. What she does with this energy depends on her vibration and choice. Whether it is the fújì gyration or Salma Hayek’s snake dancing in the Movie: From Dusk til Dawn, energy is released. We must be aware of this subtle energy and the potentiality behind it. Women are also endowed with serpent like wisdom with pristine silence, patience, resilience and timing for Earth’s experience. The women’s form is also seen in the Goddess Watjet, Uraeus, Cobra, etc. (birds and cats are believed to be two of the most animals that are sacred to Àjẹ́ in Yorùbáland).

Of interest to me was the stories of Òjòlá I used to listen to as a child. There is mystery wrapped around this mythical figure. These stories described Òjòlá as an anthropomorphic snake with the head of a human being or a being (deity) with a snake-like body. In ancient Asia and Afrika,the beings are called Naga Serpent (people that have mastered the serpent power, knowledge and wisdom has an emblem of serpent symbol on their crowns and dwellings and they are represented similar  way as the Old Nigerian serpent stories. Check the words, s-n-a-k-e, C-h-i-n-e-k-e, C-h-i-n-e-s-e, and A-n-n-u-n-a-k-i are words that have similar tones and functioning. Chi has to do with life-force. Chi is also toned as Qi/Ki. Eke in Igbo language is serpent or snake. So we have Chineke to be life-force of the Serpent. From the word Chinese is the alphabet (alfabet) “S” spiralling like waves and s-nake form. Some aspect of Chinese religion is wrapped in Serpent/snake/dragon veneration. Lord Enki (Nki), according to Annunaki Story is the Lord of the Earth (Ki). Enki is also associated with the serpent wisdom.Letters and alphabets S, C, K, are used interchangeably bringing hybrid cultures together into original culture. Examples are in the Words/Names including Africa, Afrika, Amerika (America). Also Àse which is the life force(nature) of a Being in Yorùbá language art is sometimes written as Ashẹ. The people of the world who embrace Àse in their religious ways, including the towns of Òkè’hò, Ìsẹ́yìn and Ìkirè (all situated in southwest Nigeria) toned their Àse as ache. There are loads of chi, che and che in their dialects. The word Òsà is toned in Ocha in the Amerikas. The letter “S” writes like 2 letter “C” married together or reflected each other in duality/polarity, somewhat like Ìbejì Spirit in Yorùbá religion. The Kundalini energy in the form of two snakes coiled together like Ìbejì is shaped in the form of letter S which mirrors the movement of snakes, worms, tadpole, se (she) or chi in the Semen (Seamen) and others. Nergal in Anunagi (Annunaki(e)) is seen holding the healing sceptre. The same serpent symbol is used in the medical industry today. Hair strand with lots of energy is shaped like S and can write/manifest numbers in its natural state. TypicalNumbers in 8 which is shaped like two wombs and 9 which is like semen (spermatozoan) sign/symbol/number, and letter W may be scribed through letter u, v and c. The list goes on. The beauty and gift of The Creator to human race is the sojourn of learning which is infinite. A human who claim to know everything knows nothing because your knowledge of something and everything are created in the waters of Nu, Nutting (No thing),(Mu), Om, Omi.

Stories of personified serpent power are seen in different cultures all over the world as is nothing to be ashamed of. It may well have been common story growing up for I saw severalwomen having tatoos of snakes on their bodies. My family member included. As we live in a world of duality and polarity, you can expect good and evil things to create balance. There are good serpent people and there are evil serpent people. Now, what was/is so intrigue about women, wisdom, “snakes” and serpent? The finding progesses....

 image of Òjòlá (credit:Dawnstar Nefertari)

Now we have Nigeria as Federal Republic of Nigeria, the true Trinity, Triune, Trilogy of women, women, women. The true Abiyamo Mẹ́ta, the good/real Àjẹ́ Mẹ́ta which have their correspondenses in ancient cultures including the great attributes of the Moon Goddess: Al-Manat, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza. One of the attributes, Al-lat was masculinised into Allah later in the course of Islam. Loads of information have been written about this by people who strive to upgrade and uplift humanity, in alignment with cosmic (spiritual) energy. You can go on I(Fá) frequency otherwise known as Search Engine to help you with the information you may be searching for. (Smile) Right, Nigeria as a Nation is the three wise ones; wisdom, wisdom, wisdom.

Now if this trinity still stands, why are injustices been played out on daily basis, on all levels? Why are women complaining about men,  men complaining about women? Everybody’s world is shaped into victims and oppressions playing acting. What roles are we playing in this to arrive where we are? If Nigeria (Ngr) is the 3 wise ones, where are all the wisdomes? Lot of challenges which need to be balanced cannot be fully harnessed in this writing. What I read about Nigerian Anthems, both of them indeed do not reflect what the Nation stands for. I do not see true, real, and organik respect being given to women in Nigeria; men are destructive because women are! Men are unbalanced because women are. If men want to be free, women must be free first. The women can help us turn the whole world downside up (which is currently upside down) so that we may stand/start to think from our upper brains rather than our anuses. Please see African Holistic Health written by Dr. Llaila Afrika, page 345 for more information on the present state of our Earthly world.

A truly educated man would have studied women for years; he would have honoured himself with the higher Yuniversity honours available – the study of the womb-men composition rooted inSpiritual, Mental and Physical – Spirit, Mind, Body. The Yuniversity of the Wombman (Woman) is the greater and rewarding University a man can ever study in our realm, yet the study and knowledge of Self is by far the greatest in this realm. Women must enter or enrol in their own Yuniversity by studying themselves.

Although In Nigeria, and throughout the world we have been provided with physical Universities to study and entertain our minds and therefore our bodies, these Universities are filling the roles of inorganik wisdom. To attain organik wisdom, you have to be an adept of the Yuniversity of Self and Wombmen. If you look closely, you may find that this inorganik universities could not stand without reverencing the essence of feminine and the Divine Feminine Energy. Some of these Universities are still called Alma Mater because the founders has root in Mater/Mada (Medu) Nature (Mother Nature). Alma is Al-Ma, Al-Mama and Mater is Matter, Material, Matta, Mat, Ma’at, Mat, Math, Meter, Metric, they are all attributes of the Most High Amma Mama. The Yuniversity of the Wombman affords you to study all areas of human endeavours, which really are her activities. See, you cannot do anything without the backing of Energy/Nrg (Ẹ́nájì) women.  Truth is Truth, and Truth hurts.

Once you learned the science, language and arts of a woman’s body, soul, spirit and mind, you are in a situation to defend and protect her spirituality for the coming generation. The woman is the one who birthed humanity. If she is rusted, rotten and staled so are her seeds including men and other women. It is right time that we honour her purity in order to be able to drink from her holy grail to have eternal life. Once we humbly studied mom course we may arrive with wow effect.

Men, remember women have  divine roles and plans for the Unborn and borned seeds. Nigeria must live up to her national anthem of old which recognised and reverenced womenhood/motherhood. Remember the Sovereign Motherland: all patriots must rise to defend her majestyMatron. Patriots are the seeds of Matron. Matron and her daughters are the daughters of Mother Yuniverse.

Women study yourselves and you will know yourself, and therefore men. You will be able to relate to us (men) in positive and progressive ways. Let us  start our marriages with medutation in order to have solid foundations to build our houses. Women know thyself in order to know your sea stars (other women). Be spiritually balanced. A spiritually balanced woman will know the essence of material world and what to used this matter for. Hate and jealousy are unbalanced energies which destroy the body in no time. Spread true love amongst the living.

In the word of Yoruba living: “women are the gardens, men are the fences around them.” (Omo Ogun – spiritual Warrior). I agree with Omo Ogun on this credible knowledge. I ask my cousins all over Nigeria and the rest of the world, if women are the gardens, what sort of gardens are they? If men are the fences around the gardens, what sort of fences are you? If the gardens housed seeds and/or borne fruits, what type of seeds or fruits are these?


Ancient people could sense when their world flipped upside down which has now become the world of their children, us. We cannot repair in an instant what has been despaired for centuries. Everything is a process; some reparations are much quicker than the other. For Nigeria to heal thy self and being healthy again, we must look at the state of nutrition in her provision. For what I see, the Motherland is spiritually malnourished which need a serious overdose of nutrition to nurse and nourished her back to her former Self. This treatment will afford her children to take heed and listen to Mama. Mother Nature loves her children, including her daughter, Nigeria which makes Mama Nature have serious love for her Grandchildren.

Mother Nature provides her daughter and her grandchildren with the best nutritive foods they can ingest for optimum health. The children of Grandmother Nature and Mother Nigeria still have access to real, tonifying (in-tune), nutritive (nutration) foods which will help in the awakening and restoration of health back to Nigerians and other Mama’s children on the planet. We seriously in need of organic nutrition in the form of growing and harvesting of real plant (vegetal) foods and the wild (free) ones to nourish the body, mind, soul and spirit of each and every one of us. Nigeria is in abundance of nutritious fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds which are precursors to optimum health. For my Christian adherents in Nigeria, the Holy Bible instructs you on what to ingest and assimilate (Genesis 1:29, Psalm 104:14, Revelation 22:2). These are vegetations The Most High has given to humanity and animals (Genesis 1:30) After all, vegetation means full of life. Though Christianity is associated with the Bible, the Holy Bible in its originality is being here before Christianity. Truth is Truth. Christian religion and other religions are hybrids of the Original religion, the study of Nature and the Stars. When we start to give our vessels what is needed to function properly, then we may start to reason positively, comprehend and feel the things mentioned in this article. Healthy Eating is key on all levels.

We really need to ingest foods to cater to our spiritual, mental and physical sides of things. There are herbs which are known to restore balance in the User.  There are plentiful herbal foods in Nigeria to ingest and assimilate. But it appeared to me that we like and choose to suffer and smile about it. It is all well and good to suffer and smile about it in so far your smile is a genuine smile and not one of sarcasm. As the Great FeláAníkúlápó Kútì sings: “Shuffering and Shmiling” for he knew it is unwise to be suffering and smiling for we know we have answers to most of the things that are plaguing Nigerians and other Nations. We must be responsible for our thoughts, deeds and actions; for to be responsible means we are alive. To be able to restore and respect our Motherland, our women, our men, our Elders and our Children we must see to our Spiritual Health, Mental Health and Physical Health. We must return back to Self/Nature which can give us restorative health and allows women to be women, men to be men, elders to be elders and children to be children. In the Yoruba metaphorical and proverbial tones: “Eku á ké bí Eku, Eye á ké bí Eye, Omonìyàǹ á fohùn bí Omo Ènìyàn” is a tone which strives to affirm the sacredness and uniqueness of creation manifested in animals and human.

I am aware that there are plenty books, manuscripts, journals, lectures, videos, audios, oral, and in fact all media formats saturating our present world and I am grateful for all these information. I must say this information has helped a great deal to elevate some of humanity to (in our sojourn) our original state. And until we see the interwovenness of all Beings, lifeforms and things based on higher frequency of vibration and with the true Mother energy (Ma’at), we still have a long way to go. Ma’at is the true rite of passage for all humanity. Ma’at is the sound of Mama Amma. Humanity children must be provided with values to sustain Ma’at because this is best way to having balance. It is also true that thousands of good hearted people and people with good intentions has written and did works for us in order to put together (unity) different cultures into singular unit.

Cultures have similar but differing vibrations in our physical mundane world. World religions may emphasise on the importance of having God in our life and those of our children. That is all well and good but do these religions emphasise greatly on Ma’at principles, ideals and laws? Ma’at is Nature’s law. Kemetic spirituality is the higher Ma’atian spirituality. There is the word Ma in the word, Ma’at. Ma’at is feminine energy and is portrayed as a woman with feathery wings. That is a woman with bird wings. Yorùbá Àjẹ́ is synonymous with birds. They are said to change to bird at will to do their “work” Ma’at represents the scale of judgement and balance = truth.

Now can you see why it is important for our women to be right and afforded the right environment to practice Ma’at? For Àjẹ́hood in Yorùbáland to represent goodness, Ma’at is required. It well may have been that Àjẹ́ practictioner and/or àjẹ́ energy have degenerated to the practice of Àjẹ́ presently. If we are seen things from hierarchy point of view, àjẹ́ energy may have been practiced in its current lower form. Àjẹ́people need to change their attitudes to things and positively in order to arrive at higher altitude in sustaining life which is Ma’at. Àjẹ́ need to change their diet to nutritive quality sustained by full of life/living vegetation. People say nasty things about the Àjẹ́ in Nigeria and all over, but you cannot say nasty stuff regarding Ma’at. Ma’at is the culture of truth. People may be scared of Ma’at because they are not ready to embrace the truth needed to maintain and practice it for Ma’at is about sustaining life. I myself is striving to live in and with Ma’at.

The rite of passages for males and females is credibly needed in our communities all over Nigeria, and the rest of the world. I hear people talk about that rite of passage is not universal and that when rite of passage is mentioned, it becomes something of a local thing or uncivilised thing. Well it is all up to what rite of passage you have been exposed to, educated, trained or inculcated in. However, the rite of passage we need in the world is the ritu-al of passage (the one which creates, maintains and sustain a culture of truth based on Nature, Ma’at and Universal law. These Laws afforded the Being the ritual of passage of perceiving, viewing and doing things in the spirit of The Most High. A ritual of passage which encourages the WOMBman to remembered her soul with the rest of the physical and celestial worlds. For the mental state of the womb provides the types of Beings coming to help humanity to rise in truth or staying in decay. Truly, males are there to support this transition and by so doing helping themselves to regenerate. It is true that Nature’s truth does heal the human spirit. Nigeria and other Nations are in need of true practitioners of healing science. We need these healing practitioners who operate in real love and see this as responsibility rather than gratification.

Let us help Nigeria and other Nations to remember themselves for they have been dismembered for too long. Nigeria is our Motherland for we are her children, borne in her, stand on her and live in her.

Hope this article affords the reader some insights into how we can begin to restore order in relation to our mystery, our history and our Self. You are encouraged to study, research and ask your intuition (innersense) to guide you. From then on you are in the restoration of loving self which is the studying of self. Once again, this article is not written to insult my female and male cousins in Nigeria, and all over the world. This article is written to stimulate thought and help us grow in love and rise in self.

Ancestral abundance on Self and Mother Nature’s love for her children.


Thank you for reading.

This article is compliments of Omo Àgbà Mẹ́tàlá and Wámikàmpt.

Does Olorì means Olórí (head)?              

Olorì, according to Yorùbá custom, is the head wife of a King. Orí means Head. Orí also means destiny, essence, cosmic head depending on how and when it is used. . Orí  is related to our innersense and character. They work together beautifully. The word, Olórí is the supreme head of head or lord of head, owner of head in intangible sense. When this is apply to spirituality, leadership and governance, Olórí entails all these. This may mean that Olorì is the true leader of the palace and Ọba acts as the representative to get information to the community. It is also noted that both Ọba and Olorì are the servants of their community. So,what does it mean to be King (“Ọba”) and Queen?

A king/queen is a selected, chosen or elected person who serves his/her people. She is honoured based on her character, knowledge and wisdom which she has accumulated over her course of life journey. The king is trained to be able to deal with situations which are characteristics of the community. The Queen/King sees to the affairs of the community. She is educated in the history and mystery of her people. He is surrounded by spiritual advisors and social counsellors who provide support to see to daily discipline and moral activities in the community. A king is a people’s servant and by serving the people he serves self. A true king is taught that “you are what you do in your community and for your community.”

Now when we see through the true meaning of Olórí based on the energy, frequency and vibration of the people, Olorì is the one with the wisdom which governs knowledge. Majority of the Ọbas (kings?) are men. These Kings has Olorì(s) as wife or wives depending on the culture of the land and also the influence the community has over the rearing of the King.  Ọba is the King and the head of the people in the sense that the Ọba shares in the collective thoughts of the people and represents their creativity and balance. Both the queen and the king are seen as complements. In Yorùbá Tradition, Olorì is perceived and seen as woman in the palaces, the “co-ruler” of the Ọba. I have not heard of a man being called Olorì. The queen and king are the bearers of communication for their respective communities. A true queen improves on her matriarchal spirituality and she uses her position in the nurturing of character (ìwà) in the minds of her daughters, sons and king.

The true Olorì knows her worth, values and wealth and she strives to bring balance (ìrẹ́pọ̀) in her community. Her energy moves things when she is around. To all women and females that are called the Olorìand to all that would soon be see your essence in balancement and own up to the responsibility that comes with being the One.

So back to the tone of the article: Does Olorì(king’s wife) means Olori, the head? Yes. Women are the powers behind the throne. All women are Olorìs in my world, if and when you know and act accordingly. Be responsible because our spiritual guidance and the future of the coming generation are in your hands.


Thank you for reading.

This article is compliment of Ọmọ Àgbà Mẹ́tàlá and Wámikàmpt

The subliminal meanings of MU in Yoruba intonations

Mu is the ancient word for the Infinite Dark Water. Mu is Omi which is the Yorùbá name for water. Mu has its variance in the tonations of Water (Omi); Muu (Cow), Mor, Mer, Mary (as in pyramid), Merry, Merman, Morman, Muman, Maman, Màmá, Mumú, back to the Infinite Darkness. In Yorùbá language art, female breast is known as Ọmú and Ọyàn (Clarity/clear pathway). Ọmú, the breast of a woman is one of the stargates to physical and cosmic Universes. Ọyàn is the clear watery energy and matter which gives clarity to the physical world (Children). Yoruba children always say “mumú”  or mu Ọmú which means I want or need to drink breast milk. Omi Ọmú is the breast milk or breast water. Even the word milk resonates with Mu. When we want or need to drink water, we say “mà á mu omi, mo fẹ́ mu omi.” The commonality in these words, vibrations and sounds is Mu. Mu is also the ancient word for Lemuria or Elmuuria.

In Yorùbá language art, the cow is called malu or màálù. Again, we feel the essence of infinite darkness of light in the tones of the sacred cow. Thegoat and ram talk similar way, format and fashion. They voice out; ‘mẹẹẹẹẹẹ”while the cow sounds out ‘muuuuuu’ which resonate and echo back to the source of all life, Infinite Darkness. In Yorùbá art, children refer to their mothers as Màmá, Mà’ámi, Màmá mi, Ìyá, Ìyá mi. The kulture teaches girls, boys, women and men to refer to the feminine essence as Ìyá mi. The word Ìyá mi correlates with Ọyàn (female breasts). The female chest is known as Àyà.

Depending on nature of things, the word Òkùnkùn Bi RI Mù is associated with good and evil. In Yorùbá vibrational energy, Òkùnkùn bi ri mù is feared due to its association with evil beings and metaphysical things. However, Òkùnkùn is Darkness and Bi ri Mù is the wonders of the Dark Waters. Òkun is the Yoruba name for large body of water (Seas and Oceans). Thus Òkùnkùn Bi Ri Mù is related to the Infinite Dark Waters (Infinite Darkness) which is where all life emanates, from within. In the word Òkùnkùn Bi Ri Mù is the word Mu. Mu is where life originated. Infinite Darkness is the composition of all heavens and Earths. Majority of modern Yoruba people cannot comprehend the mystic of Òkùnkùn Biri Mù; hence they are afraid of it. Again, people may be afraid of Infinite Darkness because of the grace of living forever or in the word of my brother: ‘people are afraid of reincanating back to the earthly realm for fear of doing the same thing’ - (Gaia Earth).

People do not want to live forever for repetition and not because of immortality. In the ancient of days, some Beings has attained immortality due to their work as judged by their soul (heart). Even in the plant world, there are plants that are known as plant of immortality including Moringa, Aloe Vera and Marula. Notice that in the words Moringa and Marula are the words Mor and Mar. There is a place in Nigeria called Miringa which is a similar intonation with Moringa. There are also many places in Nigeria and in her neighbouring Nations; Niger, The Republic of Benin and Cameroon with towns and cities written in Mushin, Maradun, Maraku, Mararaba, Marguba Mariga, Marnona, Marte, Mirria, Moroa, Murba, Moriki, Mere, Meri, Muri, just to name a few.

Miringa, Nigeria

While these names have similar tones, their meanings in relation to the Mu, Womb and Water in need of further research. While this article focus on the link between ancestral Yoruba and ancient Moors, the reader is reminded that the mother culture with her variations in many names and places all over the planet are the reflections of self in sisterhood and brotherhood. It is worthy to know that the definition of names may change over time largely due to the energy, vibration and frequency of the user(s). The etymology or the origin of words may help us to know their true origin. Even with all these, there is a thing (Being) that links us all, our Heart where true love dwells.

Every language and culture stemmed from one root and tree. Just like human Being is from One Essence, Pangea (Mother Earth). So it is no coincidence that we have cultures, peoples, languages, writings and symbols with striking similarities manifested on Mother Earth. Every people are all parts of the bigger picture, the rise of the Oneness of all humanity based on true Love, that is Pangea, our common ancestor.

Mora, Meri, Maroua in Cameroon

Note the the Mor, Mer and Mar which preceeded Mora, Meri and Maroua. A closer study of these places seem like a triangle, 3 angles (angels), trinity, trilogy, etc. There is Mer in the name Cameroon.

Yorùbá life science points to the awareness and knowledge of multiplicities of entities. All the multiplicities of Entities emanate within the Infinite Darkness. Each and everyone are assigned its role to ensure and maintain order in the Universe. This is why we have sacred science practitioners who are dedicated to the mystery, mystical and mastery of the ancient Mu. Organik Yorùbá life science practitioners strive  to align and comprehend Universal Laws  which is unalterable. The practitioners are aware of the result of their inline and out-of- line activities.


Mọ́remí (Mọ́óremí) Revisited

Mọ́remí is one of Yoruba people venerated queen who sacrificed her son to appeased Èsìnmìrìn river. During my childhood, the television station in my native city has profound motion pictures embracing the stories of Yorùbá people, her culture and artefacts. One of these Yorùbá stories is about Mọ́remí À jà n ṣ’orò who fought to rescue her people from the danger posed by their enemy. According to the story, Mọ́remí appeased the goddess of èsìnmìrìn river for help. The goddess agreed to help but demanded something or her son in return. I think the son is called Ẹ̀là or Olúorogbo. You may find different versions of this story referring to Mọ́remí’s son as either Olúorogbo or Ẹ̀là.

Take note that Olúorogbo and Ẹ̀là are preceeded by El and Ol. I am definitely sure that the ancient Moors use the title El but I do not know about the title Ol. The Yorubas use the titles El and Ol as in Elédùwà, Elédùmarè, Ọlọ́run, Olúwa, Olókun, Olódùmọrè and so on. The titles are used in their spiritual teachings emphasising the significance of Omnipresence and Almightiness and Higher Beingness.  Let’s return to the story of Mọ́remí. Mọ́remí agreed to the deal, went to war and won it. She sacrificed her son as previously agreed. That was the summary of the Mọ́remí story. If you are interested in finding more about this story, search Internet Engine and/or search for an Elder who is knowledgeable in this particular story.

Right, we need to explore the relationship between Mọ́remí, her son and the deity of Èsìnmìrìn River. I am not sure if the letter O preceded Mọ́remí as in Ọmọ́remí. I need more research on that. I was reading a comment on brother (Da13thsun) page on youtube, and I found out from one of those who commented that the word Mor is a prerequisite to the Yorùbá Mọ́remí. In Yorùbá tone,this name sounds like “I am Moor, I am mor of me (myself)”  because the word èmi is a yorùbá word which means me or myself. Mọ́remí may also mean “a child is gone to the water (river), I am gone to the Water.” Within my nature, this resonates with my essence. It is in-credible how ancestors bring information and knowledge to those who are humble to learn.

Since then this incidence been play in my mind. I am raised as a Yorùbá and in my Kulture, water and water goddesses are very central to our existence. Ọ̀ṣun Òṣogbo river is one of the sacred places in Nigeria. This area is dedicated to the water deity, Ọ̀ṣun. Ọ̀ṣun river and Èsìnmìrìn river are both in the geography of Ọ̀ṣun state, Nigeria. There is a place called Moore in Ifẹ̀, Ọ̀ṣun state. As mentioned earlier in this article that the word Mor is related to Mu, Mer, Mar, Mir,Mary, Mother, Water, matter, mata, meter, metro, matrice, matrix, marine, wata, Omi, Ọmú and other variations. I also find that, the names; Miriam, Moriam and Mariam means  Am Mir , Am Mor and Am Mar which relate to Amore (Love) and are attributes of The Great Divine Mother of infinite Waters, Amma. The American recording artist, Stevie Wonder has a song called “My Cherie Amour” The Cherry tree is sacred to the Moors.

Find below some correlations between Mọ́remí story and the ancient people, The Moors (Mor).


  1. Mor
  2. Mọ́remí
  3. Mor is related to water and infinite waters
  4. Mọ́remí has link with Èsìnmìrìn water
  5. Mor is related to  mormaid (morman)
  6. Èsìnmìrìn/ Mọ́remí/ Ẹ̀là might have been Mermaid/Merman
  7. Mor is Mir
  8. There is the word Mir in Esin Mir in
  9. Mor is an humble servant (maid)
  10. Èsìnmìrìn, Mọ́remí and her son were servants


 My thing is; was Mọ́remí in Yorùbá people’s story a mermaid herself, was her son a mermaid, was Èsìnmìrìn a mermaid ? Did the son just return to his water source? People and water, Hey!

After all, our bodies are made up of mostly water. People all over the world have umbilical cord still attached to the watery Universe despite the detachment of our physical cord to our Earth Mother. The story of Mermaids are not new and are found in oral traditions and written ones. I feel that there may be the Móremís in every culture on Earth. These Móremís are shrouded in mystery and often depicted as messianic figure. Sometimes we summarised the presence of mermaids in ancient world and present one has myths. However there is truth in myths because myths do not have to be written down for majority of these stories are encoded in our DNA, our genetic memory bank. It is time we revisit our genetic memory bank and recollect our savings (data).

At any rates, Yorùbá people and all people on Earth love their source of origin, Water (Omi). Within Yoruba proverb, we find: “Omi kò ní ọ̀tá”, water has no enemy. Ancient Mu (Omi) is the life source (force) of all people of the world and Mu is our cosmic and physical mother. All people of the world are Mu people. We need to align back to our Cosmic Mother and our Mother Nature. Some of us are just prodigal (prodigy of al) daughters and sons who need to be remembered with their Great Mother, Mu.


Thank you for reading

 This article is a compliment of Ọmọ Àgbà Mẹ́tàlá and Wámikàmpt.