I am an Imprinted Nature (Solar)Being, the child of my Elders. I like to communicate heart to heart, soul to soul. I am a writer of the words of my ancestors in me. I resonates with all things sacred and all Beings divine. Mother Nature is my Guide, life is my teacher.

I am 'Storyteller/Writer/Educator' in Organik (high frequency) Yoruba Living Science and Art. I can translate works (films, manuscripts, books, journals, documentaries, etc) in English Language to Yoruba Language. I am a 'Researcher' in the field of Art, Language, Religion, Health, Education, History, Mystery and Science. I give presentations on the worth of self awareness and group/community sustenance.

I am here to serve and give back to the World and Mother Earth. My essence is "life is seen in the intuition (innersense/innerverse) of the Children and the wisdom of the Elders"

I am available for cultural  services with the view of improving personal and community health. You can reach me on Email: omoagbametala@gmail.com