Our Policy

  • At Wamikampt, the Breath is our Policy. We are here to help enforce the Increase of Breath on the planet that is mandated by the Ancestral OLODUMARE. All the services, products, items, courses, programmes, etc that are on our site are geared towards this Breath. You are free to join us to help enforce the policy that is the Breath (Peace)in our world. 
  • The Increment of Breath is the Incarnation of Beauty. Ase Edumare
  • We have a Duty of Care rooted in Ancestors to the People.
  • Wamikampt is dedicated to the health of the people
  • We are the founder of Ancient Oshomoniga Treaty
  • No part of our Yoruba cosmology courses can be reproduced without permission. No one is allowed to use, modify, change, interpret any of our appointed ancestral work or business content through the so-called 'ai' technology, without our consent. Anyone that dishonoured this will be sued.

We strongly encourage you to apply our course knowledge to your life because that is symbolic of exchange of energy.