Q: Does Babaayo Omoagbametala conducts classes on Yoruba cosmology and other courses on the website internationally?

A: No. Presently, Babaayo Omoagbametala does not conduct classes physically on Yoruba cosmology and other courses on the website internationally.

Q: Does Babaayo Omoagbametala conducts classes on-one-one and group basis?

A: Yes: Babaayo Omoagbametala conducts classes advertised on this website with initial agreement being made.

Q: Does Babaayo Omoagbametala offers consultational services to people?

A: Yes. Babaayo Omoagbametala offers ancestral health consultational services to people.

Q: How do I go about this or book for a ancestral health consultation?

A: You can reach Babaayo Omoagbametala by emailing: omoagbametala@gmail.com. He offers free 10 minutes consultation and charges £28 for consultational time up to 58 minutes.

Q: Why does Babaayo Omoagbametala have free videos and articles on this website?

A: Babaayo Omoagbametala greatly delighted in the wellness of people and the healing of the nations as prescribed by Th Creators of the universe. The free videos and articles are on the website to help assist himself and the rest of humanity to reach the highest level of humanbeingness as intended by Th Creator.

Q: Why are some products on the website attract charges?

A: All the priced products, courses and services on the website attract charges to help keep generating, using and regenerating funds in the form of monies, etc to help sustain the business to that we can continue to serve people internationally with minimal disruption.