Orisha Abore Dating Corner

Bringing together the practitioners of Orisha Abore to date, court, betroth and marry one another with the symbolic totemic man and woman communal relationship under Th Ancestral Tree, the spiritual guidance rooted in Iyemetu Olodumare.


Warship (Rainbow body) songs of Th Alale Eshumare.

Warship songs are extracted from the Shrine of Agotun Eshu Olodumare in the mission of restoring the original pH of this planet, Ase.

All proceeds, Funds, Gifts in Kind, Donations, etc that are generated from these songs go the foundational structure of building Iyemetu communities worldwide, Ase.

****For people attending the 3rd session of the Aboru Aboye Abosise Eshumare Gathering on the Saturday 28th August, please go through the Warship songs to have an idea of the songs that shall be accompanying our work that day. Each song ends and enjoins the other with ASE (ASHE).

Title of Warship (Rainbow body)Songs

1. Gunugu (Breath)

2. Alantoro (Sacred World)

3. Elahanmi (Divine Clarity)

4. Oshoromoniga (Divinity)

5. Yemoya (Serpent Waters)

6. Orisha Imisi (Breath of God)

7. Ori Rere Eshumare (Sacred Spirit)

8. Okuta Ela (Pyramid of Ascension)

9. Orisha Ewe (Eternity)

10. Iyin Orisha Eshu (Lord of Creation)

11. Eshu Lalu Iye Ogboni (Rising Breath)

12. Ori (Divine Essence)

13. Orishami (I am)

14. Eshu Beleke -Ibirikambiri (Holy Spirit)

15. Ebure Awo Olugbebe (Water of Forgiveness). 

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